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  1. Bubblegum1286

    Is Rope Drop Worth it with Little Ones?

    What time of year are you going, Susan? It kind of depends on when you'll be there. If it's during the holidays, expect it to be crazy no matter what. Same for race/marathon days. But if you're going in a "down" season or when there's no special event taking place, I bet you'll be fine. If you...
  2. Bubblegum1286

    Recent Food Prices & souvenir budget- am I being realistic?

    We were on a budget on our last trip as well, so I tried hard to think of creative souvenirs that would be special. I actually bought a stuffed Jedi Mickey, a Minnie mouse, and a Donald for each of them online before we left town. I saved quite a bit of money doing that, because then they...
  3. Bubblegum1286

    Is Rope Drop Worth it with Little Ones?

    I was going to suggest a breakfast reservation as well as quagmire. If you make a breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest or wherever else you'd like, you can enjoy your breakfast and then get into the park before everyone waiting outside and you can kind of take your photos in front of the...
  4. Bubblegum1286

    Calling All Parents, How Do You Supply Magic To Your Kids?

    Yay! I can tell your excitement, and it gets me excited vicariously! Love that! :) My DD turned 5 at DLR this past summer, and we had some special things in store. I know 14 is different from 5, but in the Disneyverse, it's not so far removed ;) We took her to BBB, which I know you can't do...
  5. Bubblegum1286

    Banned for life...

    The original link no longer works, but here's a Huff Post about it:
  6. Bubblegum1286

    Those using swagbucks ???

    I had to get rid of Swag as my search engine. I use a shared laptop, and my husband was going nuts with it. It's really a terrible search engine, and I was frustrated too. However, if I'm really struggling to make my daily goals with the usual stuff, and the surveys aren't paying off, I'll sit...
  7. Bubblegum1286

    DMR Mystery DVD

    I have wondered this same thing. I've been so tempted to try it, and I have the points... But I'm afraid of getting Snow Dogs or something like that. I wouldn't mind a copy of "Ichabod and Mr. Toad" though... If it was something like that, I would be happy.
  8. Bubblegum1286

    How to reveal surprise to kids?

    Also, I bought some Disney souvenirs off of Ebay before we left. They were new with park tags on them, and each kiddo got a stuffed character- one got Mickey, one got Minnie, and one got Donald. By the time we pulled up to the hotel, they were all asleep in the car, so I slipped into the room...
  9. Bubblegum1286

    How to reveal surprise to kids?

    I love surprising kids with trips :) We pulled one off this summer to Disneyland by telling the kids we were going on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Got em loaded up, drove to Williams, AZ (from Texas), spent the night, swam at the hotel, had a fun time, got up early the next morning to arrive at...
  10. Bubblegum1286

    Is Rivers of Light water treated?

    My mistake. I googled it after I posted my comment and I guess a child did pass away from the parasite. I thought they just discovered it in the waters and couldn't get rid of it even through filters, so they closed the park. I learned something new! Regardless, to the OP- I wouldn't worry too...
  11. Bubblegum1286

    Is Rivers of Light water treated?

    No, but I also don't think it the N. Fowleri infected anyone at Disney World. They just found it to be in the water. There was a small watering hole that had some water slides and things in southern Florida close to Disney World where a child was infected with the amoeba, but I've never heard of...
  12. Bubblegum1286

    Value Season -- low crowds?

    Disney's done a good job over the years of filling in the "gaps" in their seasons by adding things like the food and wine festival or the flower and garden festival. So even the down times aren't as low crowds as they used to be, but it's nothing compared to the crowds at Christmas. Generally...
  13. Bubblegum1286

    How much do YOU worry about theft @ Disney?

    Just what I've heard from many former CMs.
  14. Bubblegum1286

    Pay for Disney with lots of gift cards

    I use Swagbucks to earn Paypal cards and Target giftcards and then use those to purchase Disney giftcards. It costs nothing but my time to do the surveys. You can get one $25 Target giftcard a month through Swagbucks and then it can be used to buy Disney giftcards at the Target store or website.
  15. Bubblegum1286

    How much do YOU worry about theft @ Disney?

    Well, like you, I posted in response to someone who was asking about parking a stroller at a park and coming back for it later, and I said that they could push the stroller with them even if their kid wasn't using it and just use it for bags. I got several responses saying that's not wise...
  16. Bubblegum1286

    OT Parenting Question: Do you let your kids skip school. "just because"?

    Oh I totally agree. I homeschool my eldest, but the younger two are in public school. One week one of my kids had bronchitis and had missed a lot of school, and the youngest came in and fake coughed and said, "I need to stay home." My rule is if you ask or tell me to keep you home, you're going...
  17. Bubblegum1286

    Anything else remind you of Disney?

    Lol you know what's funny? We rode Mission Space on our honeymoon and my husband got SICK. He's no lightweight, but he did NOT handle it well. So ever since then, it's been an inside joke between us that anytime I see Gary (and swoon over him accordingly), my DH will say, "Your Gary misled me!"...
  18. Bubblegum1286

    Anything else remind you of Disney?

    Ha! I thought of more ;) Gary Sinise. Yep, you heard right: Lieutenant Dan. I think I've had a crush on him since I was in junior high school. We honeymooned in WDW in 2007, and he read the story of the birth of Christ from the book of Luke in EPCOT on Christmas Eve. I loved that, and I loved...
  19. Bubblegum1286

    Anything else remind you of Disney?

    Watching Phineas and Ferb with my son! I know it's silly, but when we visited the animation class in DLR this summer, they had us draw Phineas and Ferb. And the whole show is about childhood fun in the summer and the freedom you have when you're on vacation. My son watched the second movie today...
  20. Bubblegum1286

    Those using swagbucks ???

    Haha! Think of it as a little gift. :yay:


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