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  1. 2-pointdoe

    10 New Egypt adventures added

    Hope that doesn't mean that if people accepted they are now increasing numbers on the already full tours.
  2. 2-pointdoe

    Travel Purse/bag recommendations?

    I also prefer the travelon bags and purchase through ebags
  3. 2-pointdoe

    Egypt Meets Thread

    We are on Jun 2-11, myself, my husband and daughter (will be 12). We really wanted christmas but are just happy we got in. We will do a pre day too and want some options.
  4. 2-pointdoe

    Group size of 45?

    Our Italy trip last year had 41. It seemed okay to me but it was our only ABD so far. We just got back from a trip to South Korea (not disney) that had 27 on it. It didn't seem much different.
  5. 2-pointdoe

    Is anyone getting through?

    We booked through a TA. Did not get December OR EBD but we did get a date. I also looked at the Tauck and Thompson Egypt trips as back ups. We were planning to do tauck to Costa Rica for 2020 but decided to try for Egypt. We did not get the Dec date we wanted but did get June through ABD, I...
  6. 2-pointdoe

    Germany Cancelled

    I do know because I looked them up to see what the alternatives might be. I was just bummed because it had been 12 so we started planning the trip.
  7. 2-pointdoe

    ABD: Priority order for 2020 bookings?

    Yea, Kevin from dreams told me chance of early booking discount is basically 0 and we will be lucky if we can even secure a spot on any trip. There are only 6 family dates offered - all in summer, except the christmas one. We are a travelling family that has no issues pulling her out of school...
  8. 2-pointdoe

    Germany Cancelled

    oh man that sucks!! Germany was on our list for next year but the Dachau concentration camp age moved from 12 to 14 so we have to put off until at least 2022.
  9. 2-pointdoe


    We had so many photos from the guides, not just of us but of buildings etc, that I could have almost not even bothered hauling my camera around at all.
  10. 2-pointdoe

    Is a 3-day cruise worth it?

    I don't think it would be worth it but I have never done shorter than a 7 day.
  11. 2-pointdoe

    Ideas on pre-day in Rome before Viva Italia ABD

    We had a car service pick us up at the hotel and take us to tour (they made all of the arrangements) vesuvius and pompeii and then bring us back that night.
  12. 2-pointdoe

    Question about Dinner on your own

    There was a mix on our trip. And even though several families were eating at the same restaurant (reservations made by ABD for us), we were seated in a completely different room from everyone else. I say do whatever you want to.
  13. 2-pointdoe

    China Trip - Did you take Typhoid and Malaria preventative medicines?

    We are heading to Korea (not with Disney) and we got typhoid and hep a for me cause I am old and it wasn't a required vaccine for me back in the day. I would rather be safe than sorry.
  14. 2-pointdoe

    A few Ireland questions

    On our Italy trip there were several older teens (16 and up) and they were allowed at the wine tastings and to taste wine. Same as for beer and drinks on the pirate ship.
  15. 2-pointdoe

    Costa Rica - High School Trip

    EF tours is also who our (local) girl scouts use for travel. The troops who have used it have nothing but good things to say.
  16. 2-pointdoe

    First International Trip

    we did Rome/Florence/Venice June of 2018. It was amazing! We took a day trip to Pompeii the day before and wished we had booked extra time in Venice as it would have been great to wonder for a few days. To me, since I speak english, London seems very doable on our own. I have also been to Paris...
  17. 2-pointdoe

    Germany ABD 2018 Mini Trip Report *COMPLETE*

    I think the age was previsously 12. Dachau itself has a 14 year old requirement for the documentary film so I am sure that is where it is coming from. But I guess a call wouldn't hurt.
  18. 2-pointdoe

    Germany ABD 2018 Mini Trip Report *COMPLETE*

    Love this report! We were planning this for 2020 but will have to wait. On our list of must sees is Dachau and I thought the minimum age was 12 and it is now 14. Really bummed though because we had finally decided on which trip. Back to the drawing board.
  19. 2-pointdoe

    Italy vs. Italy/Switzerland

    We also looked at both of those for a first ABD and family trip to Europe. We chose Rome/Florence/Venice because I wanted to make sure we saw the big highlights like the Colosseum and such. We were on it June of 2018 and it was amazing!
  20. 2-pointdoe

    Rome, Florence, Venice - Summer 2019

    We were there last June. We did a pre day trip to Pompeii & Vesuvius; had a car pick us up at the hotel, make all arrangements and bring us back. IT was a great way to get a nap in to help get adjusted.


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