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  1. mco65

    How do you combat your Disney blues?

    I come here.. read posts, especially the trip reports... awesome way to stem my Disney blues!
  2. mco65

    What Movie did you love, but

    Ditto. I must have seen that show a 100 times.. love it every time.. I think the ability to rewatch a show over and over is linked to how much you love it. I don't know of any movies that i truly love that i can't watch over and over.. but looking at this thread, there are movies listed that i...
  3. mco65

    Port Orleans Riverside Bus Question

    we bus back to MK, we just don't stay until park close any more. I wouldn't let the bus ride home be my only reason for not staying until park close... just know it will be packed to the brim and you can wait for a few busses... just not fun after a long day at the park.
  4. mco65

    Port Orleans Riverside Bus Question

    We have stayed at Riverside many times and always had good luck with the busses by arriving at the stop 45 min before park opening. If you stay until park close, you wont enjoy the bus ride home (thats true for any moderate resort) and because of that we drive to every park except MK.. we still...
  5. mco65

    Owning an island???

    ^ Agreed, not having a grocery store close by would be a deal breaker for me. We are less than 1/2 mile from a Publix that i visit at least 5 times a week.. never buying more than $75 or so in groceries at one time..
  6. mco65

    How many days left until you leave?

    24 days... were driving as well but its an easy 6.5 hour drive. I don't think my feet are ready for this. My plan is to really slow down and take it easy this trip.. that is always my plan and it never seems to work out that way.
  7. mco65

    Owning an island???

    I suspect when you have all the money in the world, you simply pay someone to take care of any Giant PIAs..
  8. mco65

    If money were no object

    i would live everywhere.. in a big Class A Diesel Pusher.... gonna do that when i retire but not sure it will be a big Class A Diesel Pusher... might be a Travel Trailer. ;)
  9. mco65

    early November crowds

    WE went the week between Christmas and New Years a few years back... never again.. just unbearably crowded. I thought i was being smart when we went the first week of the year the following year... not much different.. ARGH! Live and learn i guess.
  10. mco65

    early November crowds

    The one time we went the week before Thanksgiving was the slowest week ever (for us) at WDW... loved it.. Those days are long gone though and with Star Wars Galaxy Edge, there is simply no telling what it might be like this year.... but it will certainly be slower that week than the week before...
  11. mco65

    Debt Dumpers - 2019

    our AC went out a few weeks back during a pretty big heat wave (typical).. argh. No home warranty, just a $400 part/repair. :( but at least we are cool now!
  12. mco65

    Table Service Restaurant in Epcot

    Via Napoli is a must eat at place every trip for me. Probably not the best bang for your buck on the DDP but well worth it IMO.
  13. mco65

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    If your family is going to grow to 5... which was not our plan but God had other plans (Twins)... with 5 your going to be very limited at where you can stay on a budget (Caribbean Beach Club, Port of Orleans Riverside or offsite, cabins at FW).... if you want to the flexibility of staying at...
  14. mco65

    Test Drive for New Care - Has Anyone Heard of This?

    bought a new car about a month ago, didn't have to sign a waiver.. but this could be the new wave.. ugh.
  15. mco65

    HS without SWGE?

    I would expect some of the SWGE crowd to also hit the other major attractions like RnR, ToT and TSM but most of their time will be spent exploring the new area and or in line for SWGE... I would think/hope that the other rides will have manageable wait times... but every time i think, "this...
  16. mco65

    Does Disney Ruin

    no, it doesn't ruin other vacations... but Disney is still my top Vacation spot. If i only took 1 vacation a year, it would be Disney, but since i take a few... i go other place and see other things.. I worry that once the kids get older, Disney may not be at the top of my list but i guess...
  17. mco65

    How did your FP+ go today? Here's mine!

    We (well, the kids) can get EE in a few times.. each trip via standby. You can usually catch EE with a Standby time of 30 or 45 min.. which goes fast in that que...
  18. mco65

    How did your FP+ go today? Here's mine!

    If you haven't ridden SSD before, its a must do IMO... its not super intense like RnR or Space Mtn but super fun.. especially for youngins.. ;) TSM is still top priority at HS
  19. mco65

    How did your FP+ go today? Here's mine!

    you got Slinky dog! yea! I missed SSD but did get FOP. FOP was top priority so once we got that i kinda took my foot off the gas if you will. We RD anyway so if Slinky is a must, we will rope drop it during EMH


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