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    ***2019 UK Trip Planning Holiday Chart***

    We will be there 19/9/19 to 4/10/19 staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek, 15 nights. Was meant to be a very quiet crowds time but then Star Wars happened! Will still be great I am sure and who knows, might even get to ride the new ride.
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    Throwaway Room - Offsite to Onsite Stays

    We arrive a week before our reservation at the campsite, actually have our first night at All Star Movies to take advantage of transport from airport. So I will hopefully be able to check with them and see if there is a need to actually go to the campsite prior to going to the park. would like...
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    Throwaway Room - Offsite to Onsite Stays

    This makes me feel better. I completely agree but read so many posts against this type of thing in the past that made me think I shouldn't do it. Anyway, I hope Star Wars is worth it.
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    Throwaway Room - Offsite to Onsite Stays

    Great, so in theory if I am able to check in on line (and not have to go to the campsite before park opening) will I have something that I can show at HS showing that I am on site and therefore ok for EMH?
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    Throwaway Room - Offsite to Onsite Stays

    For the first time ever I have booked a throwaway campsite booking for one night in September in the middle of a 15 night trip. This doesn't sit easy with me and I know there will be lots of people who think it is wrong but I console my self with the absolute fortune I have given to Disney every...
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    Booking room for one night purely to get EMH for Star Wars - What time can I check in? Will I get two mornings of EMH?

    We booked a two week offsite trip from 19th September which we assumed would be a quiet time after all our August trips. So now we have Star Wars which we would love to go on of course but looks pretty impossible as EMH every single morning of our trip. So I am thinking of booking one night at...
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    Is SWGE impacting your trip? Discuss your plans here!

    Visiting for 2 weeks from 19th September. was looking forward to visiting during quiet time after so many August trips and then Star Wars opens!, am I the only one disappointed with this? Looks like three parks will have EMH every single day we are there which kind of messes up our plans as we...
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    What snacks do you take into Aquatica?

    We usually visit Aquatica in the afternoon several times each holiday but plan a whole day with friends and will hire a cabana. We don’t usually eat there and to be honest I’m not a fan on quick service and tend to avoid, much preferring to get a nice table service meal on the way home. We’ve...
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    Premium Cabana at Aquatica

    Looking to book Premium Cabana at Aquatica on 1st October for $99. Four adults. Love to hear if you think it’s worth while and to hear about your experience. Have been to Aquatica so many times, usually 4-5 times each trip but never booked a cabana. Plan to spend whole day there Thanks
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    Booked for 2020 but now regretting it due to free dining

    Sorry to hear about this. I’d definitely get back in touch and tell them you were mis sold the holiday and that you either want a full refund or happy to continue with booking if you get the free dining. If this doesn’t work go on Twitter and tell everyone what TUI have done. I hate complaining...
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    How much better is Upper Class than PE?

    We always fly PE in the bubble but next year we are using points and works out an extra £300 each to fly upper class on the way there (would still be PE on way back). I know it's a matter of opinion but would be really interested to hear from anyone who has flown both PE and economy and if you...
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    Claiming on travel insurance after bereavement

    unfortunately my father in law died yesterday. We were due to go to Orlando on 6th October and of course no question that we will go. Have been very lucky in the past and never ever had to cancel any holidays so not sure what the process is other than calling insurance tomorrow. My father in law...
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    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    We have the 7am entry but I hope we can eat after 9. If I am going to ride slinky dog 5 times in a row I definitely dont want to eat first! Does anyone know where the food is served? Is it just one location.
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    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    Just booked for 17/10. I knew I'd give in before the day was out or before I'd even seen pictures!
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    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    Really looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Have booked the MK early morning and trying to decide whether to do this one too.
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    Anyone else having issues with My Disney Experience?

    I still cant see my tickets so cant book fast passes. I have hard tickets (bought in UK) which I linked. I wonder if it will work if I try and link them again but I assumed not. So annoyed that I have missed two days of FP's and probably a 3rd today, to get the main rifes I mean. I know there...
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    MDE glitch? Everything missing (fp, adrs, resort reservation) Sept 11+

    It was my FP day for the halloween Party yesterday so disappointed we still cant book FP's. I also have a 14 day ticket and cant booked anything for 12. My previous FP bookings still showing but all my tickets have disappeared. Luckily I can see my Early Morning Magic booking and that makes me...
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    Parking at Boardwalk

    A bit confused about the parking now and sure this question already answered somewhere but are we still ok to park at Boardwalk just to have a walk round, get an ice cream, pop in for a drink etc. we always do this as staying close by at Bonnet Creek but not sure if we now have to pay or not...
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    Where is everyone hiring cars from?

    I paid £350 for a SUV from Alamo via Netflights. 15 nights from 6th October.
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    Here now! What are your favourite restaurants and

    We love Cheesecake factory and Bosphorus. Next door to Bosphorus is Toojays which I think is excellent. Always busy with locals and people working there are lovely. Also good take out, especially the bagels and meats. We also love Carrabba's which is our goto Monday night restaurant as they do a...


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