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  1. luvgoing2disney

    Single digits

    I just realized that we are down to single digits. Only 8 more....... Weeks
  2. luvgoing2disney

    Turkey legs?

    Turkey legs are a big thing in the US parks but I don’t recall anyone mentioning them in relation to DLP. Are they available?
  3. luvgoing2disney

    Impresions from an American's day trip to DLP from Paris

    Thanks for posting your experience OP! We are in Paris the last week of July and are going to purchase the FastPass package. Our schedule will have two days in the parks but staying in the city and we want to do as much as possible so it will be a big help.
  4. luvgoing2disney

    1 or 2 day visit?

    DW, DS and I are going to London for a week, then will travel to Paris for an 8 day stay at the end of July. While in Paris we will visit DLP and currently have two days scheduled to visit. We will keep our hotel in the city and will travel by train for the two days we are in the parks. We...
  5. luvgoing2disney

    Is this doable?

    We are flying over from the States in July for a week in London then over for 8 days in Paris with two of those in the parks. On our arrival day we land at 6:40, have transportation to our hotel then plan on hitting the tourist spots. (Our son is actually arriving three days earlier than us...
  6. luvgoing2disney

    DLP - First Visit - Some good and some not so good impressions

    This is an interesting thread as we will be visiting London and Paris in July. This will be the second visit for our son but the first European trip for DW and myself. I am doing all I can to prepare myself for any differences in the parks and in the cultures. Of course there is no way I will be...
  7. luvgoing2disney

    Smoking banned in Disney parks

    I first read it as all Disneyland parks, but later it was changed to US parks, so it may not apply to Paris.
  8. luvgoing2disney

    Smoking banned in Disney parks

    Disney is banning all smoking in parks and eliminating all smoking areas effective May 1. I think that is a great move!
  9. luvgoing2disney

    Any other family “trip planners” out there?

    I can identify with your DIL. Last fall I had one appear the day before we left on a 10 day cruise. He stayed the entire trip and I named him Adolph as in Hitler. How one little stone could cause so much pain.... But still had a great cruise!
  10. luvgoing2disney

    Any other family “trip planners” out there?

    Like you I love doing the research. I just worry that what I’ve planned will be ok with everyone. Even though I share thoughts with them, they always say “Whatever you decide” or “I’m OK with whatever you book.” So this actually puts a little more stress intro hoping everyone is happy lol!
  11. luvgoing2disney

    Any other family “trip planners” out there?

    Over the years I have become the unofficial official trip planner for our family and extended family vacations. These are not huge groups but can range from 3-12 in size, 10-80 in age. I enjoy doing research on trips but sometimes I just put too much pressure on myself, as I want every trip to...
  12. luvgoing2disney

    Advice on Eurostar seat assignments

    We will be visiting the UK in late July and are going to DLP/Paris for 8 days as well. Our Eurostar train tickets were bought through our travel agent and we have the reservation number. I’ve read that you can select your seats but the ticket information we have so far is saying they will be...
  13. luvgoing2disney

    What to wear to the theatre?

    While visiting London this summer, we will attend an evening performance of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child". It may seem a strange question but how would you suggest we dress? It will be DW, DS and myself, all adults. We go to the theatre often here in the States, but we live in a college...
  14. luvgoing2disney

    Do I need cash or can I use a CC for everything?

    I can't give you any advice from me personally, but a friend visited last year and used his CC almost if not exclusively That is our plan when we visit in July.
  15. luvgoing2disney

    Suggestions for DLP Touring Plan

    We (DW DS and myself) will be visiting DLP for our first time in late July. Our hotel will actually in Paris and we will ride the RER to the parks, visiting 2 days. I am reading, re-reading, and trying for form a touring plan for the parks, but I thought I would ask for some suggestions here...
  16. luvgoing2disney

    Worried about trains from Paris

    A good friend went to DLP last year and suggested the same app. I’ve already got it installed on my phone! Thanks!
  17. luvgoing2disney

    Questions about the Oyster Card

    Would the Oyster package be the one you recommend we purchase or is there another we should consider?
  18. luvgoing2disney

    Questions about the Oyster Card

    We will be traveling to London in July, staying from Sunday till Friday when we will go to Paris. It looks like the Oyster Card would be our best bet for traveling around the city but would like some input. Our hotel is in the Westminster section and we will be visiting Buckingham Palace Tower...


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