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  1. kathi

    Reservation for rent 2 Nights April 7 - 9 Boulder Ridge Studio $578 sleeps 5

    We need Saturday - Monday. We fly home on Monday, unfortunately.
  2. kathi

    100+ Points for Rent @ $15/pt SSR (Travel Now-12/01/19)

    Looking for a studio 4/6 - 4/8 (tomorrow - Monday). We ran out of points and would like to go back for a few days before we leave FL.
  3. kathi

    Points For Rent: 150pts @ CCV $15pp, 198pts @ VGF $15pp

    Looking for a studio 4/6 - 4/8 (that's tomorrow through Monday). We ran out of points and want to take a quick trip back before we leave FL.
  4. kathi

    Reservation for rent 2 Nights April 7 - 9 Boulder Ridge Studio $578 sleeps 5

    Thanks for looking - much appreciated.
  5. kathi

    Reservation for rent 2 Nights April 7 - 9 Boulder Ridge Studio $578 sleeps 5

    James - I am looking for April 5 - 8 (or 6-8 if that is all I can get). There is DVC availability. Can you change your booking? If so, let me know.
  6. kathi

    December 21st, 2019 - 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida ~Double Dip~

    Hey - checking in to see if there are any folks starting to chat for this cruise. Know it's early, but it's still fun to plan!!
  7. kathi

    Lets use this thread to track Port Upgrades

    Thanks - We have stayed a T a few times and our friends were in the R, so we got to enjoy that as well. I was just trying to figure out cost difference between your 5A and the T (and for how many people). Very helpful, thank you.
  8. kathi

    Lets use this thread to track Port Upgrades

    lesroi, How many people were in your party? Do you remember what you paid for the 5A? We are hoping to try for an upgrade on an upcoming sailing and trying to get a sense of cost. Was the rack rate of $38,000 for the T or the R? Thanks! Kathi
  9. kathi

    The Spa

    On the Dream and Fantasy, there is a small sauna in the locker room (can't remember if it's there on the Magic/Wonder). I see folks using that after going to the gym. We always book the Rainforest Room length of stay pass and take full advantage of the amenities in there.
  10. kathi

    Sea Safe - Lotion or Spray?

    I've read that sea lice are a problem during the warmer months at Castaway Cay. I'm looking to pick up some Sea Safe but wanted to hear some thoughts on lotion vs. spray. Also - are stings a problem in the Caribbean in the summer or is this just a Bahamas issue? We usually sail in the...
  11. kathi

    Sylvester in Palo

    We LOVE Sylvester!!!
  12. kathi

    Pick one (and only one) favourite place on the ships

    My daughter has picked a Cabana on Castaway Cay (not sure that counts - but i have to agree with her)!
  13. kathi

    Pick one (and only one) favourite place on the ships

    Oh wow - this is hard. I'm going to go with a window table at Remy during Champagne Brunch.
  14. kathi

    Teen Beach on Castaway Cay?

    Thanks everyone. We will be getting off the ship with her, but am thinking about what we do after that. Although we are platinum, I'm not expecting to be able to secure a cabana so we may go our separate ways after we hit the Island.
  15. kathi

    Teen Beach on Castaway Cay?

    Is there a teen beach on CC or just a teen "area" that does not have ocean access? Trying to get a plan for our July visit. Our daughter will finally be old enough for Vibe and am wondering what their options are on the island.
  16. kathi

    Palo After Dinner Drink

    I don't have the exact proportions, but it's lemon sorbetto, apple brandy blended together then topped with prosecco.
  17. kathi

    Beach Recommendations - Aruba, Barbados, Martinique and St. Kitts!

    Looking for a nice swimming beach on each Island for July Southern Caribbean sailing on the Fantasy. Somewhere we can rent chairs/umbrella, buy food/drinks nearby and that has a bathroom. Don't need snorkeling, water sports, or massages.....just a pleasant day at the beach. Thanks!
  18. kathi

    In Room Iron and Ironing Board

    My husband sends all his shirts, dress pants and his suit off for pressing as soon as we get our luggage. It's not that expensive and they do a great job. I try to pack things that won't wrinkle (easier for ladies than men, I think).
  19. kathi

    B2B Dream vs a week on Fantasy

    The only reason I would select a B2B on the Dream over a week on the Fantasy would be price. People have covered the pros/cons well already. My top reasons wold be: 1) No wasted time getting off and back on again. 2) Different menus every night and more options to dine at Palo and Remy (food...
  20. kathi

    looking for advice on Western Caribbean excursions

    We love Nachi Cocom in Cozumel. It's an all-inclusive private beach. They only take a limited number of people and it never feels crowded. It's only about 25 minute cab ride from the port. We have been 3 times and will definitely go again when we are back in Cozumel.


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