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  1. Denise W

    Considering booking a trial cruise on mariner of the seas - questions

    You can bring 12 17 ounce bottles of soda or water per cabin when you board. Denise
  2. Denise W

    Cape Liberty Disembarkation

    I don’t think they are more rigid than other cruise lines. If you want to eat breakfast first, maybe book them for 9 AM? Go to guest services if you don’t get the departure time you need. Denise
  3. Denise W

    Mousekeeping - Accept vs Decline

    If you booked the room on a cash basis through Disney, you will get regular daily housekeeping. Denise
  4. Denise W

    Mousekeeping - Accept vs Decline

    They only offer the option to decline housekeeping to get a gift card if you are staying at a value or moderate resort. Since OKW is a deluxe, you will not be entitled to that offer. Denise
  5. Denise W

    Can we bring 12 bottles of water on board?

    Yes. Denise
  6. Denise W

    Transportation from Disney world to fort lauderdale port

    I hope they did, it was 6 years ago! Denise
  7. Denise W

    David Ortiz

    He arrived in Boston last night, his doctors did some exploratory surgery, and he is resting comfortably in the ICU. They said he should fully recover. Denise
  8. Denise W

    WalMart delivery?

    Did you post this on the Grocery Delivery FAQ in the regular Resorts forum? You might get better answers than here in the DVC forum. Denise
  9. Denise W

    New charge for Bell Service Delivery

    The fee is applied if your grocery delivery is left with Bell Services and then you request they bring the delivery to your room (while you are there). If you go to Bell Services and pick up the delivery yourself, the fee is not added to your room account. Denise
  10. Denise W

    2 Bedrooms

    Go over to the DVC forums and begin reading the stickie threads pinned at the top of the threads. You basically need to find someone who owns points and is willing to make a reservation for you and charge you for it. Denise
  11. Denise W

    Vero Beach in September?

    Hurricane season is June 1 to November 30. Denise
  12. Denise W

    Looking for more information about Disney resorts? LOOK HERE FOR LINKS TO ALL THE RESORT THREADS

    The DVC boards, since it is a DVC only resort. Denise
  13. Denise W

    Anyone ever get this strange feeling?

    You buy it with the Target Red Card, 5% off most purchases. Denise
  14. Denise W

    OT: Termite treatment plans, what a ripoff

    Reported. Denise
  15. Denise W

    Classic Soda Package

    Yes. Denise
  16. Denise W

    OKW Renovations - Consolidated List

    I believe you have to use the fax service offered by TP. The DVC resorts supposedly do not accept faxes. Denise
  17. Denise W

    Cafe Select Coffee Card

    I have purchased one many times, and you can carry them to your next cruise as well. There is no savings buying it ahead of time, so you can check out the offerings on board and then decide to buy, if you wish. Denise
  18. Denise W

    40th Birthday Couple Trip

    Yacht Club is hotel only, there are no DVC villas there. Denise
  19. Denise W

    All Star Movies Shuttles in August peak season

    You might want to post this on the transportation board. Denise


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