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  1. cinnaminny

    Overrated TV Series

    You take that back! lol no I was not aware. boo.
  2. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    Ours had a way to get the money immediately through quick-books
  3. cinnaminny

    Overrated TV Series

    Lost is the worst show ever. I hung in till the bitter bitter end. But it marks the worst show I've ever watched. I am not sure its considered over rated considering how many people feel exactly as I do. I've never enjoyed Modern Family. That is probably a good overrated show example for me...
  4. cinnaminny

    I Hate dealing with contractors!

    Another way to get a deal with these guys is to pay in cash. They like that a lot apparently. It saved us thousands on our roof.
  5. cinnaminny

    Who misses upbeat wholesome pop music?

    Back in the good old days of 2007? lol
  6. cinnaminny

    Overrated TV Series

    Game of Thrones is for 13 year olds? You said in the OP it was shows you actually watched. :)
  7. cinnaminny

    Disneyworld vs. Land!?!

    ITA!! I actually prefer Sleeping Beauty Castle.
  8. cinnaminny

    Spinoff: Worst Songs of the 70's and 80's

    Even when I was in the first grade I knew this song was crap. lol
  9. cinnaminny

    Disneyworld vs. Land!?!

    The other great thing about going to Disneyland first is you're never disappointed in the castle size. Sleeping Beauty Castle is big and beautiful but many people who start with WDW are always disappointed in the size of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, because Cinderella Castle is so massive. :)
  10. cinnaminny

    In need of help for a Disneyland budget for a young adult.

    The Best Western Plus Anaheim has a pretty good free breakfast. Plus they have balcony seating and you can watch people walking to the park. I love it!
  11. cinnaminny

    Beach club versus Contemporary Garden Wing

    We stayed in the Garden Wing of the Contemporary and would in a heartbeat again. Its quiet and peaceful there. The monorail makes getting to Epcot and Magic Kingdom a breeze. You bagcheck for MK in your resort. And if the monorail at night is packed in the evening at MK its a 10 minute walk to...
  12. cinnaminny

    Disneyworld vs. Land!?!

    We went south of Cocoa Beach and found some really pretty beaches but actual Cocoa Beach, like on the actual beach, was so weird to me coming from Oregon. (We have beautiful freezing cold beaches lol) The water in Cocoa (in summer) was so warm and and it had stuff in it. Like an actual lemon...
  13. cinnaminny

    Disneyworld vs. Land!?!

    I live on the West Coast and in my experience the Pacific is much colder than the Atlantic, and probably colder than the gulf by a lot. But it looks like the temps on both sides of the Florida coast is in the low 70's. Still pretty cold. When we went to Disney World we started our summer trip...
  14. cinnaminny

    Struggling to decide on a resort

    If you stay at a monorail resort especially CR or Poly you have easy access to TTC, making it very easy to get to MK or Epcot. Plus when you monorail to MK you bag check in your resort. It’s a breeze. My husband doesn’t like buses either so we kept a car for our trip. It was very easy at CR as...
  15. cinnaminny

    Extra Magic Hour- Summers

    Staying in a Disney resort this summer and looking at the hours. I am a person who gets up very early, 4 AM, so I know I can be there on time to get good use of the Extra Magic long as I can get my kid going lol Do most people in the resorts take advantage of this offer in the summer...
  16. cinnaminny

    Quite the Valedictorian speech

    I think if you defend your use of the N word you had better be prepared to be called a racist. Don't say stupid things and you wont be accused of being stupid.
  17. cinnaminny

    False eyelashes

    Honestly, I don't have the skill to put eye shadow on let alone a strip of false lashes.
  18. cinnaminny

    Amanda Knox in Italy!

    "Shes a notta too smartaa" -In a terrible Italian accent.


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