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    What does "near hospitality house" mean at OKW?

    This year I requested near HH, specifically building 23. Based on my observations, parking at 11-14 seems like a pain because there's a lot of overflow from people who park by the pool during the day. For that reason I wanted to avoid those buildings. Our last two stays at OKW had us on Old...
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    Is Slinky Dog Dash really 60min waits at opening?

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. It sounds like we'll try to arrive early. DHS opens at 9 that day, so even getting there by 8, we won't have to wake up too early. We typically rope drop anyway, and a normal day for us at home is waking up at 6:30 to get ready for work and...
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    Where to buy next?

    I wish I knew. I think I was born with an immunity lol
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    Off site Restaurants good for bringing lunch into the park?

    Yeah, it's really terrible having to contribute to someone earning a living wage and not getting stiffed by a large party.
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    Where to buy next?

    I would say get some medicine to cure the addonitis.
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    Post-Cruise One Day in Animal Kingdom, Worth It?

    The restaurant names are Boma and Jiko.
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    Is Slinky Dog Dash really 60min waits at opening?

    This is what touring plan reports, at least. My 60 day window opened up on Saturday and there were no fastpasses for SDD. For various reasons DHS is the first park we are doing on this year's trip, so I assumed availability would be a challenge but I didn't expect there to be none left at all...
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    Typhoon or Blizzard with 7 year Old?

    It really depends on your 7 year old's sense of adventure and skills in the water. I suggest reading attraction descriptions and watching POV slide videos on youtube, and then making a determination based on that about what you think your 7 year old would enjoy most.
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    shoe recommendations for 3 year old?

    We have had good success w/ Crocs over 5 trips. Light, comfortable, no blisters, and since we travel in the summer when it always rains, they dry off really quickly.
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    Alligient Air--Sanford?

    Allegiant has had a lot of safety issues - you have to decide if low fares are worth the risk of using an airline that does not have the best safety record.
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    "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only!" (Part V)

    So you have a Gettysburg address? 🤣
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    "For 2,000+ Mile Round-Trip Drivers Only!" (Part V)

    On our first two drives from NYC we have stopped in Santee, SC and stayed at the Hampton Inn there. In 2018 we pushed as far south as Savannah, GA. We stayed in Hampton Inn there as well. We book the rooms in advance. This year we are staying in Savannah again on the way down, as we learned that...
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    Could not get back to sleep

    I never wake up at the crack of dawn to make dining ADRs. I do it when I get to work around 9 AM I've never had trouble even getting CRT dinners multiple times. Doing it first thing just doesn't seem worth it to me. To some degree it's random choice because there are so many other people who...
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    For what you get it's expensive and not great. The beef they were serving was some of the toughest I have ever had (from multiple skewers) and had no seasoning at all. The apps and noodles are nothing special.
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    Ohana or 1900 Park fare for dinner?

    1900 no question.
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    As a DVC Member, which resort is your favorite...And Why?

    We have only stayed at AKV and OKW. AKV is our home resort, but my grandparents bought DVC in 1993 so I stayed at OKW several times on family trips at OKW in the mid-late 90's. For that reason it's my sentimental favorite. I also really like that the rooms are large and the balconies are...
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    CCV now $210/Point Direct

    I wonder if people are even booking the bungalows / cabins with cash or if they're just mostly sitting unused.
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    Separation after DVC membership

    Foreclosure will negatively impact their credit score by a tune of about 100+ points, in addition to being a mark on their credit history for 7 years. Foreclosure should be a last resort.
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    Purchase "sold out" property DVC direct from Disney

    This is a routinely discussed topic here. Almost nobody thinks that paying DVC direct prices for older resorts is worth it simply for the benefits. In addition to this, benefits can be taken away at any time. If you only want to stay at the 14 legacy resorts, there is really no reason that...
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    Where did the concrete pillars of peoples pictures go ?

    Hopefully in the garbage.


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