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  1. J

    Where has Charles been ?

    I sure will miss Charles. I found him very eloquent. He's got a great speaking voice too.
  2. J

    Attractions Shut Down Schedule

    Does anyone know if there is a regular rides/attractions shut-down/maintenance schedule that WDW uses? I'd like to be able to schedule a visit to WDW at a slower, less-crowded time of the year (late January, September, or early November) without having to worry about WDW shutting down rides...
  3. J

    Question about the marathon live show 11/24/18

    I hope the DIS Unplugged crew will find it in their hearts to at least record the juicy parts of their marathon broadcast if they can't record the whole thing.
  4. J

    What time does the 12 hour marathon show start?

    Are they going to be recording the whole live broadcast for those who will miss it? I might get pulled away for work on Saturday.
  5. J

    Return of Retro Rides

    Maelstrom If You Had Wings Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Snow White's Scary Adventures


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