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  1. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    Asked a cast member. That would be Saturday the 8th then.
  2. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    The restaurant is opening 2 weeks from Saturday.
  3. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Has anyone else bought the limited edition Magic Bands ...

    Just questioning who else has purchased the boxed limited edition ones and if they're were any interesting ones. I understand some of them can make unique lighting / sound effects etc at the touch points around the parks.
  4. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Has anyone else bought the limited edition Magic Bands ...

    that come in a box? They all say 1 in 5000. I've been using the generic ones they send you every trip to the point where I have multiples of each color. Found 2 Pandora ones at Animal Kingdom both said "1 in 5000" and wound up getting one for my son. One was teal and yellow the other one was...
  5. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Suggestions Please

    MK 2 days EPCOT 1 day Animal Kingdom and HS can both be half days (or at the very least hit in the morning, take a break at resort and then go back in evening) Once Galaxy Edge opens HS is going to be BRUTAL. Park will be packed and anyone who cant wait in massive lines for the new rides will...
  6. Monorail_Man_NJ

    August or Sept?

    I would chose September.
  7. Monorail_Man_NJ

    How do you pass the time until your next Disney trip?

    Im back 1 day and already planning a return in October. Helps I have family in the area. BTW MAY IS HOOOOOOT 94 yesterday in Orlando.
  8. Monorail_Man_NJ

    La Cantina de San Angel Construction- Illuminations views blocked?

    Saw no construction in that area yesterday. Only a small wall by the outside Margarita Bar.
  9. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Disney's CORONADO SPRINGS RESORT Information & Questions

    Just back from 3 days at Coronado Springs. 1st visit there and loved it. Stayed in Casistas 5, Had the most magical experience of all my trips to Disney at this resort. See my other post for more info. BUS STOP 2 (first pick up) never had to stand on the bus and busses were QUICK.
  10. Monorail_Man_NJ

    New Credit Card Authorization Holds

    Just back and had ZERO issues with Credit Card holds. It was only authorized at check in for the 100 and promptly closed out at charged amount. This was using a BoA Debit Card.
  11. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Disney Magical Experience with Coronado Springs F&B

    Just back from a split stay at Coronado Springs and Old Key West. My son (10) and I were solo and met the SWEETEST Cast Member at the Laguna Bar at Coronado Springs. Her name is Analia (Buenos Aires, Argentina). She was so FANTASTIC that I went to the lobby of Coronado Springs to give her a...
  12. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Question about DDP drinks and character meals

    Yes you can order an adult beverage from the menu at all of those listed. I've had a beer at Tusker House and Akershus.
  13. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Tiffins, Tusker House, or Yak & Yeti?

    Tusker House is excellent. One of the best Character Dining experiences. Y&Y was ok. Trying Tiffins in 3 days. If havent been go to Sanaa after park closes.
  14. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Attractions where lines are hot

    Anything in Toy Story Land.
  15. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Really disappointed in the transportation

    Last trip in November the busses were horrendous but thats partly because of the two resorts I stayed at. Caribbean Beach and Riverside. We actually joked that the busses should say "WECOME SARDINES" instead of "WELCOME WORLD TRAVELLERS" at Caribbean Beach.
  16. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Central nj

    I guess I should clarify. Jersey Shore (Ocean County).
  17. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Frontier prices drop or continue to rise?

    I booked on JetBlue literally 5 or 6 months ago had a great fare of like 45 dollars pp 1 way. Had to move my flight up earlier in day. Lets just say it was cheaper to rebook on Frontier then to pay the $75 PP to change flight on JetBlue.
  18. Monorail_Man_NJ

    Experience with checking in after midnight at Disney Resorts?

    Has anyone had any issues with a real late check in (say 1-2am). For instance lack of rooms and / or upgrades etc. Never arrived so late before.


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