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  1. disneygirlsng

    Fast Pass Question

    Click on one of your current fastpasses, then click the "modify" option. It will allow you to see all available times (except for overlapping time slots with the FPs you already have). It will not cancel the one you have selected until you have clicked all the way through and confirmed the new...
  2. disneygirlsng

    News Round Up 2019

    15K is typically the threshold for full trial, so it's often described as being above or below that. It could be much more than that.
  3. disneygirlsng

    Magicband shipment confirmation

    You'll get a notification of shipment in a few days. Usually around 27-28 days out.
  4. disneygirlsng

    6 park days - what parks? No park hopping

    I would do 2 days each at MK and AK. But that's my personal preference, I usually pick AK as my first park to spend a 2nd day at over all the others, including MK. But you have to look at what your family enjoys. Based on their ages, I would go with 2 days at MK and AK, or maybe the 3 days at MK...
  5. disneygirlsng

    TOT Fast passes @ 60 days out

    There was lots of afternoon availability at 60+1 for me for my trip in 2 weeks. Nothing was available in the morning for that day. I had an easier time getting SDD for the morning.
  6. disneygirlsng

    Expiration Date on old non-expiration tickets???

    Many, many people on here have called and been told that the 2030 is just an arbitrary number that has to be entered. That the tickets don't really ever expire.
  7. disneygirlsng

    Favorite AK snacks

    Dole Whip with rum!
  8. disneygirlsng

    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    It already has happened, so no need for an "if". And yea, no, that seems more than a bit ridiculous to me. Disney isn't going to refund people's tickets for that. I don't even see any reason why. Is it a bummer? Sure, but not sure how it's a major effect on your experience. One or 2 less rides...
  9. disneygirlsng

    So what's the deal with the new ice rule?

    It's just loose ice that isn't allowed. Ice in a baggie or bottle is fine.
  10. disneygirlsng

    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    LOVE it!!! Never had a bad meal there.
  11. disneygirlsng

    Help - here now AK fastpass

    There aren't any rides that do that.
  12. disneygirlsng

    A bit bored at the Studios

    I loved MGM back in the day and I love HS now. I don't think it's impossible to love both. I can find more than enough to do in the park to fill an entire day now, even 1.5 days when I have the time. Just because some people don't want to experience everything a park has to offer doesn't mean...
  13. disneygirlsng

    Recent Slinky Dog FP luck

    I wasn't able to get one for 60+1 for the end of this month (as I expected), but I got one about a week after my window opened after randomly checking one morning. So don't lose hope!
  14. disneygirlsng

    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    TOT never was Tier 1, but yes RNRC was bumped down. This won't really affect my trip later this year due to how my days are set up. But I'm hoping this might make some of those FPs easier to get later in the day.
  15. disneygirlsng

    Which nighttime show to miss?

    Wondering how many people that are saying it's easy to skip ROL have seen the new show? While I did enjoy the original, I think it's impossible to say to it's boring without seeing the updated version. Also, seeing several people mention Illuminations, which will no longer be running when the OP...
  16. disneygirlsng

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    Yes, they are currently sold out.
  17. disneygirlsng


    I really like the barbacoa empanadas at Choza in Mexico. The cheese ones at La Cantina are simple, but good when you dip them in one of the salsas.
  18. disneygirlsng

    Magic Bands Upgrade

    What part isn't working? The upgraded bands are not currently available. Only the usual solids.
  19. disneygirlsng

    FOP question

    You shouldn't need a whole lot more than 90 degrees of knee flexion (bend). As a PT myself, you should be at 100+ within a couple weeks after surgery. The usual standard goal is 120 degrees by 5-6 weeks. So I would say you should be fine if you have a couple months. It's not typical for it to...


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