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  1. reluctantredhead

    Yacht Club - Commodore’s Suite!'s gorgeous!! Enjoy, and congratulations on scoring such an incredible upgrade! :)
  2. reluctantredhead

    Packable rainjacket recommendation

    I love, love, love my "Golightly Packable Waterproof Jacket" by Joules. They are super lightweight, but longer in length (mine goes down to my mid-thigh, and I'm 5'0"), have an adjustable hood, and fold down and pack inside their own pocket. I bought one after I got tired of buying the...
  3. reluctantredhead

    Your Favourite Quick Service Restaurants?

    I'll echo what many others have already said... AK: Satuli Canteen EP: Tangerine Cafe MK: Columbia Harbor House HS: Sadly, none. We stick to snacks here and walk over to Beaches & Cream at BC, or eat TS at Mama Melrose.
  4. reluctantredhead

    GF CL or YC CL

    Another vote here for a split stay! We too don't spend as much time at MK as we do at EP/HS now that our D is older, so what we typically do is spend 1/3 of our trip time at a MK hotel and 2/3 at an EP hotel (for us, usually BWI or BC). We typically plan for 1-1.5 days at MK while at a MK...
  5. reluctantredhead

    Beach Club CL vs BWI CL

    We have stayed both BC and BWI CL -- BC CL over Christmas week 2018, and BWI CL three times over the last 18 months. I personally prefer BWI's CL, not only for the food offerings, but for the graciousness and friendliness of the CMs, who truly have always made us feel like very welcome guests...
  6. reluctantredhead

    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    I wonder if the change regarding Flying Fish and the BWI lounge had to do with fish/shellfish allergies as well? Someone mentioned upthread that there is no ventilation in the lounge (and I've definitely noticed the cooking smells wafting pretty far down the hallway on our trips there), so I'm...
  7. reluctantredhead

    Best Resort for last time without kids?

    I would strongly recommend staying in one of the garden cottages at BWI. H and I fell in love with them after staying in one on a complimentary upgrade last year. Club level access is included with your room (and the lounge food offerings are among the best at WDW IMHO), and the cottages are...
  8. reluctantredhead

    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    H and I aren't sugar-free, but we are vegetarians and we rarely drink, and we agree it's worth it! :)
  9. reluctantredhead

    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    Haha, excellent point! It was such a spur-of-the-moment decision to book that I hadn't thought through the fact that since we'll only be there one night and will be anxious to get out to enjoy the parks early the next morning since our trip is a short one, we'll probably only be spending 8...
  10. reluctantredhead


    Thanks for starting the thread! Following. :)
  11. reluctantredhead

    Star wars hotel - Galactic Journeys: A Star Wars Adventure.

    We are so excited too! My H and D are huge Star Wars fans, so a stay at the hotel will be almost mandatory soon after it opens. Already bracing myself for how insanely expensive it's sure to be though!
  12. reluctantredhead

    Disney's Club Level (CL) Information and Questions

    Hi everyone! We just booked a quick F&WF trip upon finding a sweet award travel rate on Delta...and I'm extra excited because we booked Poly garden view CL for one of the nights! We've stayed at the Poly before, but never we're very happy to get to cross that off the bucket list (even...
  13. reluctantredhead

    Your favorite QS/CS

    Same here on all accounts, except for at AK, where Satuli Canteen is my favorite, and it's my overall favorite as well. I have daydreams about the bowls there...:lovestruc
  14. reluctantredhead

    Has this ever happened to you?

    At the time, I didn't know whether they did or not. We were at WDW during Christmas week when I made the initial bounceback reservation, so we weren't checking our CC statements. It was about 3 days later, on Christmas day, when I called back to change the reservation and made the discovery...
  15. reluctantredhead

    Has this ever happened to you?

    I am so glad you finally have resolution on this matter. I totally understand why you were worried about it, and I would've been too. Now you can relax and enjoy your trip! I hope you and your family have a magical vacation. :)
  16. reluctantredhead

    Has this ever happened to you?

    Yes, something pretty similar has happened to I think you should continue to check back with Disney until things seem "right" to you, and here's why... Back in December, while we were at BC over Christmas week, I booked a split stay for the same time frame the next year under a...
  17. reluctantredhead

    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    I suspect this was a glitch as well. There was a glitch when we were there in late February which we accidentally discovered enabled us to have 9 FP+ at a time. We learned about this when we tried to modify our regular FP+ and discovered that we couldn't. Because of that rule I don't fully...
  18. reluctantredhead

    How many ADRs are too much? 20 officially booked...

    The Florida heat and humidity is a real issue IMHO when it comes to TS dining. On the one hand, TS provides a wonderful break off of your feet in the air conditioning. On the other hand, the TS restaurant portions serve you a LOT of food, and it can be tempting to want to eat it all, either...
  19. reluctantredhead

    December 2019 Code Watch

    Following here too. We currently have BB rates booked for December 20-27 (split stay between CR and BC), but are hoping an AP rate will come out that is better, like it did last year (the BB rate for our room categories is only saving us 10% currently). Of course I am grateful for any discount...
  20. reluctantredhead

    Resorts w/suites - 3 sleeping surfaces

    We stayed in one of these at Christmastime and absolutely loved it...I think it would be perfect for your situation! I'd look into it sooner rather than later though, because there aren't many of these rooms and they often book up quickly. We have similar needs to yours in that we need a...


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