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  1. littlestar

    AP prices increased today

    Probably no more AP’s for us. We may just be done. Might sell more DVC points, too. The price increases are out of control and this is starting to get stupid.
  2. littlestar

    Marriott Choices. Sabal Palms, Royal Palms, Cypress Harbour, or Lakeshore Reserve

    I would go for Lakeshore if you want a lazy river. It is Marriott Vacation Club’s newest resort in Orlando and gorgeous. I don’t think it is that much farther away to worry about. Cypress Harbour is great, too, one of my favorites but no lazy river like Lakeshore has. I cannot remember if...
  3. littlestar

    Are We Crazy? We totally LOVE Saratoga Springs!!

    Well stated. Our grand kids love Saratoga resort. Two themed pools with slides and Grandstand pool has the water play area. I like the peacefulness of the grounds and the green space.
  4. littlestar

    Marriott Vacation Club

    Go over to tugbbs and look around. All the major brands of timeshares are covered at the Tug site (even DVC). Besides our DVC points, we really like our resale Wyndham points. Wyndham has resorts all over (even around Disneyland). We have stayed at Wyndham Waikiki Beachwalk, Wyndham Panama...
  5. littlestar

    Am I wrong . . . DVC is a great deal right?

    Do you own Wyndham points or rent from owners? I prefer to own because I like being in total control of my reservations. I own resale dirt cheap Wyndham points and DVC points bought long ago. If a person can be happy offsite, there are fantastic deals offsite (even better deals than what you...
  6. littlestar

    Bringing first timers...which resort would you choose?

    For first timers - pick a DVC with a “wow factor” lobby like Animal Kingdom Lodge or Wilderness Lodge or a Polynesian studio (largest studio and on the monorail). Good luck booking.
  7. littlestar


    Debbie and Jim (plus adult kids) Indianapolis, IN Own at BCV and SSR
  8. littlestar

    Purchasing CCV vs DRR

    CCV has better theming in my opinion. I toured the Riviera sample rooms and they remind me of a nice Marriott hotel anywhere. We stayed in a CCV 2 bedroom last weekend for 2 nights and were impressed - stalked the website and grabbed the CCV 2 bedroom three months out.
  9. littlestar

    We did it ! We bought into DVC !

    Congrats! :flower1:
  10. littlestar

    378 SSR Points for Rent/Transfer

    Thanks for the points transfer, Doug! Already booked a trip for 2020. Bump. :thanks:
  11. littlestar

    378 SSR Points for Rent/Transfer

    I am interested in a transfer. Sending you a PM.
  12. littlestar

    DVC Fresh Bath Towels

    I own my DVC points to book Beach Club Villas, Copper Creek at Wilderness Lodge, Aulani, and other high demand DVC resorts when I want to book them for my family (I don’t have to wait for leftovers in RCI - although I do trade in thru RCI to DVC occasionally). By owning DVC points I can go...
  13. littlestar

    Member site down?

    Down for me, too. Darn it.
  14. littlestar

    DVC closing taking longer now days?

    Walked out to the mailbox today and the check (dated March 21) was in my mailbox!
  15. littlestar

    DVC closing taking longer now days?

    Maybe the resale company I went with this time has different rules for disbursement of seller’s funds. Always got paid quickly when I used the Timeshare Store but I used another company this time.
  16. littlestar

    DVC closing taking longer now days?

    By closing do you mean when Disney transferred the points to the new buyer and marked it final with your closing company?
  17. littlestar

    DVC closing taking longer now days?

    Yes, mine is ***, too.
  18. littlestar

    DVC closing taking longer now days?

    We sold a DVC contract back in January before the latest resale restrictions went into effect. I got word that the contract closed March 21, but the deed was not actually recorded until a week later. I checked my DVC account last week and the contract was no longer showing online in our DVC...
  19. littlestar

    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    Got word today that our direct Southwest flight on April 26 had been cancelled and we were rescheduled on a flight that arrived the following day. Called the special number provided and was able to reschedule it to the day before our original flight, but they made no promise it would not be...
  20. littlestar

    Closing Time!!

    Thanks for the info. I have been checking everyday since ours closed last week and nothing (we are the sellers and hoping to get our funds before a trip).


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