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  1. Karin1984

    Magic Bands coming to Disneyland???

    I take it you don't own a smartphone.
  2. Karin1984

    Help on logistics/lodging day of arrival

    1. You can walk to Disney Village and the park from all Disney hotels, it doesn't necessarily have to be the Disneyland Hotel. It is the closest, the others (depending on walking speed) are 5 - 20 minutes for the other hotels. 2. For the other Disney owned hotels there are also buses, but I...
  3. Karin1984

    Costume dilemma WWYD?

    I am training for my 4th Disneyland Paris run weekend. And I always love everyone in costume, and people going all out or just having Disney/Marvel/Star Wars inspired costumes. It just adds to the entire atmosphere. 2016 (inaugural run): I did the half, I had no idea what to expect, so I just...
  4. Karin1984

    Paid my balance. Didn't get an e-mail. Normal?

    I'm quite sure I get a new e-mail after paying off a balance. I've paid off a balance last week for my trip next week. I received a new e-mail, which was basically the same e-mail with only the link to the online document where it said that I have paid off my balance. Out of curiosity, what...
  5. Karin1984

    So apparently i broke an unspoken rule

    *edited* never mind, no worth the discussion.
  6. Karin1984

    Hawaii 2020

    At the moment: For the 9-night 29APR-8MAY - One inside state room available GTY, category 11B, deck 5 or 6.
  7. Karin1984

    DLP - Do you speak English? Parlez Vous Anglais? - Updated 6/20

    Could be really hit or miss, when I was a kid, we went camping in France often. The other kids only spoke French, I only spoke Dutch, but that didn't stop us from inventing games without words and just by gestures to figure out what the other meant. If your child is outgoing and the kid in line...
  8. Karin1984

    Sequoia Lodge FAQ & Information Thread

    That's one of the biggest differences between resorts at Disney World and hotels at Disneyland Paris, there are less amenities. All hotels have a buffet restaurant or a table service and a bar, but no quick service options like in WDW. There is also not as much of a need for it, as the hotels...
  9. Karin1984

    DLP Fastpasses

    Yes, it happens, but I would not never use it as a strategy. If you run into the CM who decides to stick to the rules, you've lost your fastpass.
  10. Karin1984

    Sequoia Lodge FAQ & Information Thread

    Define 'arriving late', how late? There is the buffet restaurant at the moment last reservation time is 10:30pm. I think after that the bar & lounge is still open, but I'm not sure how much to eat they offer. If you arrive after this time, you are close to Disney Village where there is a...
  11. Karin1984

    Crush's Coaster Single Rider during EMT?

    The single riders line is not always open, when it is, it moves slow. But probably still quicker than the regular line. So yes, I would agree to do the regular line first, and then single riders when open. During the day, I would suggest to use fastpasses for tower of terror or go see Mickey and...
  12. Karin1984

    Wedding planner communication problems?

    I agree with @FSU Girl , grab the phone. I think this is a modern issue. The biggest benefit of an e-mail is that you can write it at a time that is convenient for you and have put your request out there. You go on with your life. I believe the amount of e-mail increased, but also got worse due...
  13. Karin1984

    Why hasn't Disney solved the main/late dining debacle already?

    Besides letting go of the two ladies in your group and that one person who made a scene, focus on all those people who were able to change their dining time on the ship. Stress is not getting you anywhere, it will ruin your excitement for the cruise you are going to make. Better make a plan...
  14. Karin1984

    Planing of surprise engagement next week!

    You could also check this part of Disney: Maybe just for inspiration or to find something totally different from the plan you have now.
  15. Karin1984

    Not Impressed by Palo

    I agree, let them know, even after your cruise. A company never improves without customer feedback. It's nice of you to leave a generous tip, but it sets a wrong example for the server. He could now think he can 'do nothing' and still come out well.
  16. Karin1984

    Why hasn't Disney solved the main/late dining debacle already?

    Option 1: Disney doesn't get enough complaints about this topic to see it as an issue. Aka, the majority of the families might find it an inconvenience, but not big enough to complain about. Option 2: Disney does know, but there will be downsides to moving it as well. Like the kitchens having...
  17. Karin1984

    Planning my proposal Next week

    :P And I referred him to this board to get more insight in proposing, as the question comes up here more often, lol
  18. Karin1984

    DLP worth it if I am close to Anaheim?

    Then there you have your answer :) enjoy the city of Paris!
  19. Karin1984

    Planing of surprise engagement next week!

    Maybe also check this board: More spouses-to-be ask advice on how to make a proposal as magical as possible.
  20. Karin1984

    Convince me I don't need Disney (of help me convince my parents that they do)

    And some people in the world can't afford a sweater. I've worked at a food bank, and sometimes it happened we had to hand out people the same food for several weeks in a row, because those were the donations we received. One part of you thinks 'these people should be grateful they get fed at...


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