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  1. iluveeyore

    How to find a lifelong Disney partner???

    With a little faith and trust, you'll get some pixie dust! The DIS is a great platform for putting yourself out there, though I never imagined it to be an online dating site. But five years ago, someone posted about getting divorced in his late 40's and I was going through the same thing, so...
  2. iluveeyore

    Best way to get from POP to AKL

    Agree with the bus...if you got on an AK bus at 7 am, the directions from Pop to AK say 9 minutes. It's about a 5 min or less bus ride to AKL from AK. At the most, buses run every 20 min, so that should leave you plenty of time. And if you get to AKL early, you can take in all the beauty of...
  3. iluveeyore

    New ticket system coming to WDW - Begins October 16th

    Ok, I apologize as I haven't had time to read the whole thread - I was buying my son, his wife and my grandson a one-day MK ticket for their visit in December, but we don't know which day we are going as I am a FL resident, have an AP already, and we were just going to go on a nice day during...
  4. iluveeyore

    Ah! Extra day! Now what?

    Which resort are you staying at? Our favorite non-park thing to do is explore the other can take a bus to any resort from any of the parks or from Disney Springs. My DH's favorite is the Poly for the atmosphere, plus you can ride the monorail loop, which my grandson loved (just...
  5. iluveeyore

    Moving to be near the mouse.

    We live in Sanford and love it - everything you need is here in this pretty community next to Lake Monroe, and about 45 min to Disney (now we have the 429 just before you get into Mount Dora off the 46- it's a toll road, but newly opened and you avoid the I4, takes you right onto Disney...
  6. iluveeyore

    Disney Fairy Tale Weddings summer season on Freeform

    My best friend and I were at Disney in March on a girls' birthday trip together and decided mid week to go to Fort Wilderness and visit the stables so we could see the huge horses I love...we were surprised and excited to find out they were having a wedding there, and found out later it was for...
  7. iluveeyore

    Moving to FLA for the love of Disney

    I moved to FL from Canada to marry the love of my life, whom I met through our mutual love of Disney right here on the DIS. I used to come to Disney at least twice a year on vacation, and now I still love my trips to Disney, I just don't have to fly and I can get a resident AP. But we don't...
  8. iluveeyore

    Moving on down to FL!

    We live near you in the pretty and wonderful City of Sanford, just on the other side of Lake Monroe. You will be happy to hear that if you get an E-pass (or they just bill your plate), you can easily take road #46 from Sanford towards Mount Dora, and then hop on the 429 all the way to Disney...
  9. iluveeyore

    Toy Story Land Annual Passholder Event

    Following...we'll be there second week of September
  10. iluveeyore

    Annoyed by Phone Addicted Park Goers

    Again, sorry! (yep, born Canadian, I like to apologize lol) - the OP asked for phone stories, I shared mine like many others on this thread. I didn't share it so you could judge me judging you. I'm not perfect, don't know anyone that is. I will happily scroll through Facebook on my next...
  11. iluveeyore

    Annoyed by Phone Addicted Park Goers

    I was just using this as an example, sorry if I offended you (and this was for a 25 min bus ride, they didn't interact at all with each other) - I see it not only on the buses, but in the parks standing in lines, in restaurants - I was simply pointing out that families aren't as interactive with...
  12. iluveeyore

    Annoyed by Phone Addicted Park Goers

    I find it sad that technology has taken over so much that families are more interested in their phones than enjoying a vacation at Disney together. For example, going back from MK on the bus and a family of four were sitting nearby, young kids maybe 8 or 9, all with their noses in phones. They...
  13. iluveeyore

    Just booked Cars Suite at AoA

    Following...I just booked the Lion King suite and was going to ask if the pull-out was comfortable too (we'll have twenty-something year-olds sleeping in both the murphy bed and pull-out sofa). We're excited too!
  14. iluveeyore

    HELP! Permanent Resident Card

    I had an issue with this just this past month. But first, let me tell you when we cruised in 2016, I still had my temporary permanent resident card that is for a two-year period (I'm Canadian, married an American in 2014), and I was only ever asked to show my current Canadian passport for...
  15. iluveeyore

    First Solo Trip. Thoughts on Hotel?

    For a solo trip, WL is more of a hotel feel, so being on your own might be more appealing to have all indoor access to your room rather than the moderates where you are walking through the grounds to enter your room. Also, WL has Roaring Fork for Quick Serve right off the lobby, and the new...
  16. iluveeyore

    Do you, as a couple, have any 'traditions'?

    We have tons of daily/weekly little 'traditions' as we both like routines together - I make his coffee/lunch every morning and we kiss good-bye/I love you before he leaves (I work at home) - he always opens my car door for me or any door we approach together - we hold hands constantly, even in...
  17. iluveeyore

    Pop Century vs. a moderate for a solo trip?

    I have done solo trips at mostly the All-Stars/Pop, once at Saratoga Springs. For budget, and also for non-park days, I chose to stay at the values and then go explore/relax at other resorts. Lounging around lobbies/quiet areas of the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge are my favorite...
  18. iluveeyore

    Would like tips and info on the Fantasy 7 night Western Caribbean.

    We went in Sept. 2016 (my first cruise!) - had a fantastic time! Nachi Cocum was wonderful, so few people, great food, drinks, pool and beachside palapas. Falmouth port is gorgeous, lots of nice shops just for cruise passengers. We chose to do the Braco stables horseback ride and swim, and it...
  19. iluveeyore

    What to do with backpack while on ride? Lockers at each ride?

    DH and I both had full-size backpacks, although not completely stuffed, on our trip in January, as with most of our previous trips. You can easily take your bags onto every ride at every park without issue. If it doesn't fit in the pouch/storage compartment on a ride, it always easily sits...
  20. iluveeyore

    Disney Springs bus stops

    Only one drop off location - all the buses stop at a drop off zone near the Polite Pig if I remember correctly, before going to their pick-up spot


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