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  1. aoconnor

    DVC Reality

    Do you have retirement accounts or other investments on top of that savings account? Personally I would not put 50% of *all* my money into DVC. If you decided to take a non-Disney vacation one year you could rent out your points yourself or through a broker like David's. You'll likely get...
  2. aoconnor

    DVC Reality

    Welcome! January and February (outside of holiday weekends and marathon weekend) are among the easiest months to book all year. You should have good availability to try other resorts in studios, and definitely in one bedrooms. Many say "buy where you want to stay", I go with the less strict...
  3. aoconnor

    Staying at the Grand Californian when you don't own there

    What time of year and what room size? “Off season” I’ve been shocked how many rooms are available at 7 months, especially 1 and two bedrooms. Take a look at January now for example... most of the rest of the month is available even for studios. That said, they’re gone within minutes of 8am so...
  4. aoconnor

    TOTWL Questions

    Piggybacking on this thread with a related question. I am staying on my points at VGF in September with family. They arrive several hours before I do, can they head up to TOTW before I arrive? The last few times I've gone they just scanned my magic band, didn't have show any member ID. I am the...
  5. aoconnor

    Is there DVC Club in your city?

    It’s called Disney Vacation Club Neighborhood
  6. aoconnor

    Is there DVC Club in your city?

    If you’re a member of the official DVC Neighborhood Facebook group you can view members who live in the same city which is interesting. Definitely a few hundred here in NYC.
  7. aoconnor

    selling small contracts i own to extend years and add points

    I did exactly this two years ago. I stripped and sold two smaller AKV contracts at big price listed with DVC Resale Market. Then turned around and bought a loaded 250 point contract at a much cheaper price per point. All in all, I added 100 points for about $50 per point net of all costs...
  8. aoconnor

    CCV now $210/Point Direct

    Wow- that 38% figure is pretty shocking.
  9. aoconnor

    How many extra points would you buy as a buffer?

    The thing is the original 2020 point chart already included a ~10% increase for studios/1beds at some resorts. So 10% on top of that is like 20% from today's costs. I ended up deciding on 5% on top of the 2020 point chart, i.e. ~15% from today's levels.
  10. aoconnor

    Riviera resort: A thread with a poll / Discussion / Information

    Don't think I've seen these posted- here are 360 degree virtual tours of the studios and one bedrooms:
  11. aoconnor

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    The article I referenced (apparently that site is blocked now?) says the base price was $110 so that's where the difference came from.
  12. aoconnor

    Question about buying resale.

    No, it doesn't matter which membership you used to book the trip. As long as you qualify for diret perks under at least one of your memberships you'll have the blue card which entitles you to the discounts/ lounges etc.
  13. aoconnor

    No The DVC Show Since 27th of May 2019

    It has its own podcast channel now on iTunes- no longer posted under the regular Disunplugged channel.
  14. aoconnor

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    Wow- ballsy to do with 3 weeks notice!
  15. aoconnor

    Using my contract for the 1st time next year, but also looking to visit Universal

    Agreed that $381 for two Expresss Passes (four really, since you get them both days) is definitely worth it. You'd be surprised how easy it may be renting a small amount of points to cover the cost- ask David's what they think. They may have people looking for just a night or two. AKV is...
  16. aoconnor

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    That's true, maybe it's only a portion of the roof/ lounge. Based on a quick search of these forums people in the past have said that the venue didn't reach full capacity on July 4th/ NYE. I suppose as long as it's only a small corner like The Wave dinner package then it's not so bad.
  17. aoconnor

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    According to ***** there will be a paid event at TOTW on July 4th from 7:30-9:30pm for the fireworks. Cost is $139pp including tax/gratuity. Yikes! I thought if you were staying at BLT you had access on July 4/NYE? Maybe not anymore....
  18. aoconnor

    Analysis of Riviera sales as of 5/10/2019

    Hmm. Based on DVC News analysis it appears to be in-line with early sales for CCV overall, but perhaps it's only selling well with certain groups? For example it's popular as an add-on for existing members but new buyers aren't so interested (or vice versa - I could see it either way). New...
  19. aoconnor

    Kidani Village Grand Villa Question

    I was in a GV in April that was literally the LAST room on the hallway- could not have been further from the lobby. The view was spectacular though, by far the best savannah view I've ever had. Worth it! We had a laugh at how long the walk was but it wasn't a big deal.
  20. aoconnor

    How many extra points would you buy as a buffer?

    Thanks all- lots of good ideas! I think I'll buy the 2020 point chart amount and bank the 'double' points that I don't need to offset any future increases.


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