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  1. j9isawesome

    Poll--What do you consider a long wait time?

    I can’t handle long lines. I’ve got anxiety issues & am claustrophobic so long lines (especially indoor ones) are not an option. To me anything over half an hour is “long” because that’s usually when I start to hit my breaking point. I am usually fine getting on everything I want between Max...
  2. j9isawesome

    Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary event Make sure you click through the tabs at the top, that’s just page 1 of 6.
  3. j9isawesome

    Hyperspace Mountain to Stick Around?

    Last I heard Hyperspace was in place until end of June. Probably smart to just keep it going to help cope with the influx of Star Wars fans in the park. It’s my favorite version of Space Mt so I sure don’t mind if it sticks around.
  4. j9isawesome

    Is it warm enough to swim now?

    Depends on what feels warm enough for you and if you’re lucky enough to get warm weather. I was there this past weekend and 1 day was warmish (mid 70s) & sunny but the next day was freezing and raining on and off. Even when it is freezing you’ll still see people in the pools at the Disneyland...
  5. j9isawesome

    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    I don’t do rope drop (so it might be different in the wee hours of the morning when I’m dead asleep lol) but this weekend throughout the day both side paths were open, the only path that was closed was the main one directly through the center of the castle.
  6. j9isawesome

    Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary event

    My husband and I love Haunted Mansion & have a HM themed guest room. I would have loved to have gone to this, about 2 hours earlier in the night and for 1/3rd of the price. How are we supposed to drop over half a grand for the chance to go shopping?! Naw, not in my budget.
  7. j9isawesome

    Buddy Pass

    No, a buddy pass means you ride WITH your buddy. Single riders are almost always separated and not sitting next to one another like you would with a buddy pass. It’s only for rides like Monsters Inc & Toy Story where parties of 2 are often needed to fill the vehicles. My experience has been that...
  8. j9isawesome

    About to leave on a 10 year anniversary trip

    Thanks. We have photopass included with our APs so we will be sure to take advantage of that as much as possible :)
  9. j9isawesome

    About to leave on a 10 year anniversary trip

    My husband and I are driving down tonight and will spend this weekend in the parks, heading home sometime Sunday afternoon/evening. Disney has always had a special place in our hearts: DH proposed to me in front of Snow White’s wishing well, Now I See the Light from Tangled is “our song” and we...
  10. j9isawesome

    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    Well now that I’m seeing the diamond shapes and zigzag patterns, the stars don’t feel as out of place, gives it a sense of cohesion. Hmm even more undecided than before. Maybe it is growing on me.
  11. j9isawesome

    If you only had time for two of these DCA rides ...

    Not Goofy’s Sky School. That one usually has about an hour wait for a short painful ride that isn’t fun. If he’s adventurous he might find the newly returned Flick’s Flyers/Inside Out ride to not be super exciting, like a less intense version of the silly symphony swings. So maybe the swings and...
  12. j9isawesome

    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    Gonna take some time to get used to the stars. That cartoonish bit of “pixie dust” plus the intense colors make this castle feel like it belongs in ToonTown & not the hub :/
  13. j9isawesome

    A couple of questions about our recent trip

    We went on Pirates twice a couple weeks ago & each time the entire boat got drenched on the first drop. Like a gallon bucket dumped straight on top of you and sloshing around in each row’s bench. I have never gotten more than a lil splish splash on the edges before so it was quite the surprise...
  14. j9isawesome

    Guardians of the Galaxy - does intensity vary?

    Something to keep in mind is that it’s not just the number of drops that “gets” people, it’s the length & speed of the drop. Because at times you aren’t even just dropping, you’re actually getting pulled down faster than freefall to get more feels. Also some of those drops are short and over...
  15. j9isawesome

    One Day Visit Questions

    Park hopper so you can experience the best bits of both parks, maxpass so you can maximize your time in the parks. As long as you don’t expect to manage to do it ALL, you can still have a really fun 1 day Disneyland trip. Unlike Disney World, where you’d be feeling like you missed out if you...
  16. j9isawesome

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    Ok thanks for the heads up. Still worth it since it’s just the 2 of us but good to know :)
  17. j9isawesome

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    I’m from the Bay Area & we always plan in advance when we go and rarely go into the parks for more than 2 days. So this pass seems perfect, as long as we can still add maxpass (for $70?). My only concern is how often would we really be needing to park the car. But it’s still so much cheaper than...
  18. j9isawesome

    only one week to go tropical hideaway crowds

    The line is often long but usually moves pretty fast. Make sure you only get in the lines you mean to be in: If you only want Dole Whips then once you have those go straight to the registers and don't merge into the next line for the buns etc (they're good too though). The trick to getting a...
  19. j9isawesome

    Black tap opening?

    Yeah, it isn’t the sort of place for everyone. I mentioned the calories because it is a whole day’s worth in a shake alone without any food to go with it. I didn’t imagine every kid in a group sitting down to a 1500-2000 calorie milkshake (with multiple treats stuck on it) all on their own...
  20. j9isawesome

    Black tap opening?

    You guys are comparing the prices of these shakes to normal shakes like they aren’t at least 3 desserts worth of calories in 1. Your family of 4 should probably be sharing 1-2 shakes. There are ice cream sandwiches and slices of cake on top for crying out loud lol. Did you think that somehow...


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