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  1. Snoopygirl


    Hello!! Cynthia from AZ! SSR & BR
  2. Snoopygirl

    Just Booked My June 2019 Trip

    Will Do!!!!
  3. Snoopygirl

    Just Booked My June 2019 Trip

    We're going in June also, booked a 2BR and studio at SSR (home) and hoping to switch to BWV and BR.....pixie dust please :tinker:
  4. Snoopygirl

    Which View is best at BWV??

    Which do you view or boardwalk view?? Just trying to get opinions as we will be booking a 2BR next June. Haven't stayed at BWV since '09 Thanks!!!!
  5. Snoopygirl

    Big Brother 15

    I can't stand Elissa or Amanda!! I used to like Andy but not anymore. It's so bad that I'm starting to like spencer more & more.......LOL!
  6. Snoopygirl

    Big Brother 15

    I guess I'm in the minority.....I can't stand Elissa.
  7. Snoopygirl

    The Saga of our Disney Dream home - It's about time!

    Congrats!!! It's beautiful!
  8. Snoopygirl

    OKW Lovers Thread. Part 2

    We were just there about 3 weeks ago and had building 45. It was very quiet. Never heard neighbors or anything. An occasional boat going by but not noisy at all. It was a great location!! Enjoy!
  9. Snoopygirl

    Here now and OMG ITS CROWDED!

    We were there May 26th - June 6th and it was crowded! More than I thought it would be. We had to get fastpasses for a lot of the rides we wanted to do. And like one poster said....come back time was for the evening. We went to Epcot on our last full day (5th) and we couldn't get ANY...
  10. Snoopygirl

    VWL Groupies...yes, we love the Lodge, a lot!!

    As I write this, I am enjoying my first stay at one of my home resorts. We did OKW first for 5 nights then VWL for 6 nights. We check out on Thursday. We got room 5530 and at first I was a little bummed on the view. But now I love it (especially cause I live in AZ and we don't have trees like...
  11. Snoopygirl

    OKW Lovers Thread. Part 2

    O M G........ We arrived Sunday night & I absolutely love it here!! So peaceful and beautiful. We are in building 45.....not the best location but that's ok. We have a 2br on 1st floor...4513....canal view. Soooo spacious. Did MK Sunday night til 2am & rode all except SM. AK was...
  12. Snoopygirl

    OKW Lovers Thread. Part 2

    We'll be arriving at OKW in 24 hours :cool1::banana:
  13. Snoopygirl

    Options for Unused Discounted DVC PAP?

    I called both MS and Disney ticketing and no refund! Why can't they be consistent. I would be happy with a gift card. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow morning.
  14. Snoopygirl

    Options for Unused Discounted DVC PAP?

    I need to do this! I bought 4 PAP's for our upcoming trip and my DH unfortunately won't be making it due to work. I hope I can get a refund too!!!
  15. Snoopygirl

    OKW Lovers Thread. Part 2

    Somebody pinch me....I can't believe I'm gonna be at OKW Sunday night!!! I am soooooo excited for my first stay :cool1:
  16. Snoopygirl

    Only __ many more days until we are back home!!!

    8 more days til our first stay at OKW (5 nt) & VWL (6 nt) Can't wait!! :cheer2::cool1:
  17. Snoopygirl

    OKW lovers thread !!!

    I'm in the single digits!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 D A Y S TO GO!!! :cool1:
  18. Snoopygirl

    Combining TIW and DVC discounts

    Thanks for that link!!
  19. Snoopygirl

    OKW lovers thread !!!

    Is this your first stay at OKW and how long will you be there? It's our first stay and then we move to VWL on the 31st....our first stay there too!!!
  20. Snoopygirl

    OKW lovers thread !!!

    Oh....that sounds like a great idea!!! I am just a little bit excited since it's been 4 years since we've been to the World. Can't wait!! I did my online check-in this morning so I'm even more pumped for this trip. I hope the 12 days of this vacation go VERY slow :)


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