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  1. pahoben

    Where In The WORLD Are You?

    In line with dreaming very big- Talking with my daughters in front of the fireplace at the start of our night in Cinderella’s Castle Suite.
  2. pahoben

    Is Space Mountain still a rough/jerky ride?

    The change in acceleration is the jerk (third derivative of motion) and engineers always try to reduce jerk. It is especially bad in dark rides when passengers are not able to tense muscles appropriately and so are especially vulnerable to whiplash type injuries. Jerk is bad for passengers...
  3. pahoben

    What Roy Disney's granddaughter has to say about Iger

    Sorry if I took it the wrong way. I didn’t see the earlier thread so this was new to me.
  4. pahoben

    What Roy Disney's granddaughter has to say about Iger

    What is your time limit for this? If posted in six weeks would that still have prompted your question or should it only have been posted in hours after publication? For me personally I always have a hard time understanding why anyone makes a post similar to your’s. Do you expect the OP to feel...
  5. pahoben

    What Roy Disney's granddaughter has to say about Iger

    Really? You don’t believe she should express her opinion about Iger’s compensation? Did she violate some sort of universal principle that you have divined?
  6. pahoben

    Men, when growing up and playing sports

    You don’t wear a cup for basketball or track so some sports require and others don’t. Baseball, football, hockey require by regulation in school sports while basketball and cross country, etc of course do not. It used to be common for a coach to hit you in the groin area to ensure you were...
  7. pahoben

    What Roy Disney's granddaughter has to say about Iger

    It seems CEO pay in the US amounts to looting the till. Something isn’t working right. The boards are being complicit and shareholders not objecting strongly. In the majority of cases the shareholders being institutional buyers so I guess there also raiding the till by executive management...
  8. pahoben

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    My son was entranced by the garbage truck that picked up our trash and at 5 yrs really wanted to work on a garbage truck. He is an engineer now so never realized his dream. During a recent hotel stay one of my 6 yr twin girls decided she wants to clean rooms when she grows up. I didn’t have...
  9. pahoben

    Assault at a Concert

    If you could explain it to me then eternally grateful to you. I have six year old twin girls that I don’t ever want to respond passively to aggression so your explanation will be immensely useful.
  10. pahoben

    Assault at a Concert

    I really like your post but if you are isolated you need to pull out all stops to defend yourself. Arm yourself and shoot to kill if necessary. The strong sometimes prey on the weak. It happens with men and women and men with men. You sometimes can’t depend on anyone other than yourself and so...
  11. pahoben

    Assault at a Concert

    I really cannot understand why women put up with this. First response is walk away. This should be effective most of the time. If not then jewels and that plus walk away probably 99% effective. If serious then shoot to kill. A kill shot takes care of that pesky 1%. I have had similar...
  12. pahoben

    Recurring Dreams

    My childhood nightmares were dominated by King Kong (he was skulking right outside the house and occasionally looking through the windows) and Tik Tok and his crocodile buddies chasing me and my father. We would grab a high tree limb at the last moment and they would tumble into a moat. When...
  13. pahoben

    Hong Kong Disney - stray observations

    I find the intoxicated British tourists to usually be the worst behaved.
  14. pahoben

    POLL: How to approach my DH about his collection of tools, machinery, and electronics...?

    So long as he doesn’t have a secret room under the basement floor just let him be. :)
  15. pahoben

    Anyone else have a B12 deficiency?

    Only time I had a deficiency was the period of time I tried a vegan diet. A doctor gave me a shot of B12 and felt it immediately so can’t understand the comments that the shots may not work. In my case they definitely worked. On my usual high meat content diet B12 never a problem. I have the...
  16. pahoben

    What’s something you’re weird about..

    Yes Misophonia. I have read that the locations in the brain for audio processing and fight or flight reaction are close and so some leakage between the two likely results in Misophonia. I couldn’t take your situation with your boss, that is unimaginable for me. I would feel as though I was...
  17. pahoben

    A bit bored at the Studios

    Did you find the margarita kiosks?
  18. pahoben

    What’s something you’re weird about..

    I can’t think of anything that disturbs me more than the sound of people chewing except maybe the sound of people slurping (soup, coffee, tea, etc). Someone eating shelled sunflower seeds is like being waterboarded for me.
  19. pahoben

    High School Class Reunion

    Was your nephew easy to entertain? You must be an elder sister. Do you plan to baby sit your nephew again for the upcoming reunion?
  20. pahoben

    High School Class Reunion

    Also I see the negatives in how I view it versus people that maintained those friendships from high school and attend reunions but it is what it is in life.


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