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  1. cheshiregoofy22

    Can someone check AP rates for me?

    $444 Contemporary Lake View Tower $482 Contemporary Theme Park View Tower $390 Poly Standard View $557 Poly Theme Park View
  2. cheshiregoofy22

    Can someone check AP rates for me?

    $111.75 is the cheapest I find for your dates - ASMu.
  3. cheshiregoofy22

    Can someone check AP rates for me?

    CBR is $165.20 for your dates POFQ is $201.60
  4. cheshiregoofy22

    Can someone check AP rates for me?

    POP is $120.75 Standard, $124.50 Standard Pool View, $131.25 Preferred, $138.75 Preferred Pool View AOA is $150 Little Mermaid, $315.75 all suites except Nemo, Nemo is $337.00
  5. cheshiregoofy22

    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    We ate there a few days ago. Everything was spot on....seated quickly, lovely waitress, served quickly, delicious pizza. We ordered one of the mezzo metro size pizzas and one individual size and they fed five adults very nicely while not breaking the bank! We paid out of pocket as it didn’t...
  6. cheshiregoofy22

    Garden Grill Seating Options for Party of 8

    Can’t help with the end of the breakfast window question but as far as seating goes - we are five adults and fit comfortably in a booth on the lower level. They are high backed, so if your party of three was seated beside you, you wouldn’t be able to interact easily although if you stepped out...
  7. cheshiregoofy22

    AK great tonight!

    Although we weren’t part of the DAH event tonight, we headed back into AK after an early dinner at Sanaa. We arrived in a bit of a downpour around 7:45 p.m. and headed to the Kilimanjaro Safari with fastpasses...just starting to get safari we’ve ever had! Hippo walking around then...
  8. cheshiregoofy22

    Here now June 2nd-June 6th!

    Ditto! Been here since May 28th. Stupid hot but having a blast!! Very manageable crowds!
  9. cheshiregoofy22

    Help - here now AK fastpass

    Sorry for the late update! It was due to receiving an anytime FastPass when FOP went down in the morning. We used three fastpasses but the anytime FP doesn’t register as a “used” pass so we had to pick anything close by, tap in, and then we could make more fastpasses for anything available...
  10. cheshiregoofy22

    Help - here now AK fastpass

    Thank you! We tried the site without any luck. Will try going to guest services!
  11. cheshiregoofy22

    Help - here now AK fastpass

    At AK now, can’t get additional fast passes for rides we have been on even though we have already used those fastpasses . App says that we can’t have multiple fast passes planned in advance for the same ride, but we have none planned in advance. Help!! Any advice? Thanks!
  12. cheshiregoofy22

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    We’re at POP now, arrived last Tuesday....we did online check-in and did not forgo housekeeping. We’ve been leaving for the parks either wicked early or, what I would consider, late. Late being around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. coinciding with fastpasses, etc. We stay in the parks until late...
  13. cheshiregoofy22

    2019 DXDP - are you allowed to share? Post your ACTUAL experiences

    Here now. Two rooms. One DxDp - (two people in room) one QS (three people in room) all linked to one MDE. Have shared the DxDp credits amongst the five of us so far at Yak n Yeti, Le Cellier, California Grill brunch, Crystal Palace, Skipper’s Canteen and Wine Bar George with no issue. Some...
  14. cheshiregoofy22

    Splash Mountain Fastpass as #4?

    As a party of five, we’ve not seen any availability for splash after using up our first three (starting to look around 1:00 p.m.) on our MK days this week. Two DDs in our party on search/refresh patrol while in line. I wouldn’t say they’re “hard core” searching though necessarily. We’ve found...
  15. cheshiregoofy22

    What's been your experience with PM EMH?

    We did PM EMH at MK this past Wednesday night. As others have said, the lines really only die down towards the end. Wait time signage was a little wonky too. We avoided HM as it was posted 40 minutes, DD really wanted to wait so we did. We were on the ride in 8 minutes! The longest...
  16. cheshiregoofy22

    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    We went this morning (5 adults). Left Pop at 6:30 a.m. arrived at HS gate in about 10 minutes. Got our wrist bands and menu/info sheet and were in the park at 6:45. We opted to skip the partial breakfast method and instead were about 10 people back in the arch “smoosh”. Some folks had formed...
  17. cheshiregoofy22

    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    Thank you for all the updates from today!!!
  18. cheshiregoofy22

    DHS/Toy Story Land "Early Morning Magic" (EMM) FAQ & Discussion

    Wondering how today’s EMM went and if the 7:00 A.M. EMH at AK may have drawn a few folks in that direction who might have purchased this? We’re booked for May 29th but there are no A.M. EMH at other parks that day. Wishing for that crystal ball....haha. :magnify:
  19. cheshiregoofy22

    Sanaa bread service

    Wonderful! Thank you!
  20. cheshiregoofy22

    Sanaa bread service

    Is the bread service available as an appetizer on the DxDp? Or is it an OOP expense regardless of plan? Thanks!!!


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