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  1. Happyinwonerland

    S/O - do you attend Pride events?

    I am a love and let love kinda gal, but it has never even occurred me that I should attend. I've heard the events are a lot of fun, I'm not sure why I haven't been to one.
  2. Happyinwonerland

    To the woman and child who fell on the asphalt...

    Or maybe they could enforce their park opening times and not even allow tickets to be scanned until the exact minute of opening! Maybe they could even wait to open up bag check. IDK why the expecatation would be that they allow guests in before opening time. That is not expected at any other...
  3. Happyinwonerland

    This is unacceptable

    I will never understand why adults get so invested in youth sports. They are youg kids and it is just a game. Even at DD's ymca soccer games when she was 4 there were parents who got kind of ugly. Like do you really think this season of youth ball is going to make or break your kid's sports...
  4. Happyinwonerland

    How many cheap ponchos do you bring?

    we use to buy 1 pp person for half the days of our trip. Then we bought the disney parks ponchos and havent looked back. They are so much nicer than the cheapies and they last. We bought them online during a 20%off parks merch sale. As a bonus, that is a lot less plastic waste from us!
  5. Happyinwonerland

    Getting to Vineland Outlets without a car??

    A 5 year old will still legally require a car seat in Florida, hopefully still in a 5 point harness. Over 5, the NHTSA recommends booster seats until age 12 as the safest option.
  6. Happyinwonerland

    Women-please recommend a new bra

    I feel your pain! I have always had the best luck finding 34D at Victorias Secret. The Angel underwire bras give me enough support without digging. Any other brand of bras causes my shoulders to ache!
  7. Happyinwonerland

    How messy is your home right now?

    We are at the tail end of renovating and moving, so right now it is a bit of a disaster! There are boxes everywhere. But in a few weeks we will be in a new home and hopefully back to a normal level of messy.
  8. Happyinwonerland

    AP prices increased [6/18/2019]

    Ha, us too! I was waiting until our current APs expire next month to renew as florida residents.
  9. Happyinwonerland

    AP prices increased [6/18/2019]

    I'll be honest, while the price increase hurts, I still plan on renewing next month. We go too often and enjoy the parks too much to not have one.
  10. Happyinwonerland

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    I still don't understand why they keep trying to improve FP when the old system was great already.
  11. Happyinwonerland

    Why hasn't Universal made a Harry Potter deluxe resort?

    I mean of course hardcore fans think that, but not everyone is a hardcore fan or even a fan at all.
  12. Happyinwonerland

    High School Class Reunion

    Our class only does 10 year reunions. My high school experience was good, but I skipped my 10 year reunion because I was 8 months along with a high risk pregnancy and I live 2 states away. I doubt I'll go to any future reunions. I have kept up with the people I care to know.
  13. Happyinwonerland

    Won a cruise! Unlimited Funds! Help me book

    Could an adult that weighs much less than that comfortably fit ? Or is the height of the bunk an issue?
  14. Happyinwonerland

    Why hasn't Universal made a Harry Potter deluxe resort?

    Harry Potter isn't the crazy-popular hit that it once was, and in 10 years the books will still have some fans, but it will mostly be replaced by whatever the next big thing is. The younger generation will have their own big-hit book series. Building a hotel around a single IP would be a bad...
  15. Happyinwonerland

    Smugglers Run - how roles are assigned?

    Then I guess I don't see why people are getting worried abojt having a "good" ride crew?
  16. Happyinwonerland

    Smugglers Run - how roles are assigned?

    I wonder if someone who has ridden multiple times could report back whether the experience changes each time? My impression is that they have designed it to essentially be the same ride no matter what your team does. So, maybe you hit a bunch of stuff but it doesn't cut your ride short or give...
  17. Happyinwonerland

    Handling the Heat

    The heat doesn't bother me, but I like to do indoor attractions during mid-day. Philharmagic, Pirates, hall of presidents, carousel of progress, Finding Nemo (both the ride at Epcot and the show at AK), living with the land, soarin, the frozen singalong, It's Tough to Be a Bug, The Lion King...
  18. Happyinwonerland

    Smugglers Run - how roles are assigned?

    This sort of behavior should not be "liked" and encouraged. It is a ride, a fantasy, and an adult should know better.


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