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  1. MudQueen22

    Special Dole Whips

    Are the special Dole whips still available? I'm thinking of the Rapunzel and the HeiHei.
  2. MudQueen22

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    The last post was three days ago. Giving the thread a bump. Princessamie or DCWarrior?
  3. MudQueen22

    The fort sure wasn't peaceful.

    We have our trip booked for next month. We are seriously considering letting this trip be a one-and-done for the Fort. This decision is based primarily on pricing, as Disney's prices are going up faster than our salaries, and the campsites even more. Having said that, if we find what the OP...
  4. MudQueen22

    Off site Restaurants good for bringing lunch into the park?

    I normally HATE theme park food. It's usually expensive and gross. Disney is the exception. Although it is pricey, at least I can say that much of it is good. Even with our camping trip coming up, we still plan to eat many meals in the parks. We visited one particular water park close to...
  5. MudQueen22

    Dri Fit Star Wars Disney family shirts??

    We bought dri-fit shirts at Academy and got someone talented with vinyl to make them for us.
  6. MudQueen22

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    There is nearly a month gap between my reservation and that of Gino USMC. I check out July 19, and he/she doesn't check in until August 11. Where should I leave the fire pit if no one signs up between us?
  7. MudQueen22

    Best tips for a family that has never camped before...

    When you say renting, I think of one of two scenarios: #1) You're renting from a business that tows the camper to your site, completely sets everything up, and even has the refrigerator cold. They pick it up, haul it back, and clean it when you're done. #2) You're renting from a business or...
  8. MudQueen22

    So what's the deal with the new ice rule?

    Regarding loose ice--can we have loose ice in quart-size ziplock bags? Hoping to be able to bring ice from our camper each morning, then just pouring it down a drain (or drinking it) when it melts. Also, if my yeti tumbler is filled with ice, will they allow that?
  9. MudQueen22

    Motorhome purchase worth it?- Rent out when not in use?

    Mickeyfan0805 about summed up what I would say. Wanted to say congratulations! We are also off during summers, and we enjoy our adventures in our travel trailer.
  10. MudQueen22

    Character breakfast help

    With littles, we liked Garden Grill (Epcot) and 'Ohana's (Polynesian Resort). Both meals are all-you-care-to-enjoy food, but they bring it to your table so that you don't risk missing the characters. At Garden Grill, we saw Farmer Mickey, Pluto, Chip & Dale. And we saw them each more than...
  11. MudQueen22

    Anniversary Meal

    No recommendations, but just wanted to say that you are very sweet to book them a dinner for two for their anniversary during your trip. <3
  12. MudQueen22

    BOG pre-order questions

    We have a reservation coming up for 7 of us at BOG. We are on different reservations, however, and they have the DDP and we do not. Can we all pre-order separately from our phones? Also, if we finish eating and decide we want more to eat, or if we want a dessert, can we do another pre-order...
  13. MudQueen22

    Adventures of the Traveling Fire Pit Round 2 Try it again?

    I wonder if CMs would hold it for the next person since it's just one day.
  14. MudQueen22

    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    Our younger one can handle some variation, but the older one could not when she was a toddler. Even on this trip, we will go back before the fireworks start if we think either of them will not have a good evening, or if there are any signs of impending meltdown. Respect your adult children's...
  15. MudQueen22

    Racial profiling? At Disney???

    I have white skin and they check every last compartment of my backpack. From what I have studied on security and profiling, they profile more on a certain set of behaviors than they do race. Also, women aren't largely the problem, although they do get checked since they could be accomplices.
  16. MudQueen22

    Out the door early tips!

    I pack our park bag the night before. Set out portable breakfast items the night before, with only the perishables in the fridge. Everyone's clothes, including underclothing, socks, shoes, and magic bands are set out the night before. Dh and I get up first. We use the RR, brush teeth...
  17. MudQueen22

    upgrade magic bands

    We dawdled too long and now we can't order the upgraded magic bands they were offering. Is anyone hearing word on when they will be available again?
  18. MudQueen22

    Fort wilderness cabins questions

    lol, pretty much. You're paying for a parking spot that can cost up to $200 per night during certain times of the year. You do get water, electricity, and sewer service, however.
  19. MudQueen22

    Two Kids, Two Parents....One Hotel Room?

    The last time we went, we were a family of four sharing a room at a value (AoA). Since it was two double beds, dh slept in one, I slept in the other with our younger child, and our older child slept on an inflatable twin mattress between our beds. Once we all got up, we picked up her mattress...
  20. MudQueen22

    Fort wilderness cabins questions

    I'm not entirely sure. I would imagine it has to do with staying with what is customary or acceptable in the campground industry. For example, I have never heard of a campground that charged a parking fee to a motor home with a toad, nor a travel trailer with tow vehicle. I have, however...


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