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  1. averysmom

    Points for Rent: 178 Aulani 17.00 & 325 SSR $15.00 Discounted

    Hi- I know you checked for 2 consecutive nights for us from July 6-18, but we’d still be interested in just one night if any are available. Somewhere in the middle of the week would be best. Thank you!!
  2. averysmom

    74 2020 & 320 2021 Aulani Points for Rent @ $17pt

    we are looking for 2 consecutive nights from July 6-July 18, ideally more at the end. Scanning the thread, it’s only single nights available? I think,we’d still be willing to do that. Could you check availability?
  3. averysmom

    Points for Rent: 178 Aulani 17.00 & 325 SSR $15.00 Discounted

    I’m looking for July 16-18 at aulani. My dates are semi-flexible... we are in Oahu from the 6th-18th, and really want to stay at the end, but could probably make other 2 days work. 2 adults, 2 children (14, 17) and whatever they have.
  4. averysmom

    Anyone been to Volcano Bay?

    Especially when it's busy/ high on the crowd meter. Thinking of spending a day there in July, and worried about them closing for capacity essentially right at opening. I've read a few reviews that says ppl were getting there at 7 for a 10 o'clock opening! Sounds drastic! Any other thoughts...
  5. averysmom

    Volcano Bay Timing ?

    Hi! My daughter has a dance competition the week of July 9th, and she and her friends have no routines Wednesday, July 11th, and we're thinking of taking them to Volcano Bay. We're staying off-site at a hotel by the convention centre. I've read reviews that we need to be there for 7 AM to make...
  6. averysmom

    Help me sell this...

    School holidays at Christmas are funny this year (late), and we get the whole week off after New Years. WDW at Christmas is our bucket list, so we're going! We arrive on the 31st at noon, and leave on the 6th. We're booked in at rack rate b/c there are no discounts over Christmas. $5100 at a...
  7. averysmom

    Arriving on NYE... Opinions: will we get into Epcot at 1-2 PM?

    Or should I not plan to get into a park that day? Landing at 10:30.
  8. averysmom

    Tiered/surge park pricing coming soon

    Actually, studies have shown that teacher competencies and pedagogical knowledge is the second highest factor in school success. The first is, of course, support from home, where students have their basic needs met, food, housing, clothing, stability, etc. It would make sense that homeschooled...
  9. averysmom

    WDW Annual Pass Increase - the fatal blow to CNDs

    Yes, this is us too. I can't travel anytime but high season, so we're stuck! My kids are 10 and 13 though, so maybe it's good we'll be branching out on our holidays now. Disney had a good run, and we have all the amazing memories, but I don't see another trip in our future for quite a while.
  10. averysmom

    Cabana on last morning

    We've never had a good breakfast in the MDR. My dh prefers a sit down breakfast as opposed to buffet, but we're doing early dining this year, so we will def. be doing Cabana's this time around. It's going to be a long travel day, and an extra hour of sleep will go a long way!
  11. averysmom

    Taking your children for holidays during school is illegal in the UK

    I've taught middle school for 18 years, and no matter what you say, or what kind of work kids are "catching up" on, they are missing out if they miss school. I don't just hand out worksheets all day, and even with the modern miracle of screen casting and posting lessons, kids are losing out...
  12. averysmom

    Ever been uncomfortable with dining server?

    We did on one cruise... Our server was from the same Indonesian island as my husband's father. I think that that connection made him cross that boundary between guest and "friend". Lots of sad stories about his family at home that he never sees, etc., even talking about how poorly some people...
  13. averysmom

    Moving between cabins once onboard

    I can't answer about moving rooms, but friends of ours were in a similar situation, large family trip with some in concierge and others in regular rooms, and some individual families split up to accommodate larger numbers of kids (putting a child or two in other rooms to not go over occupancy...
  14. averysmom

    Need a reality check. How many RDs are you able to do with an 8.5 year old?

    We always do rope drop, even when our kids were babies and toddlers. We do still do afternoon breaks though.
  15. averysmom

    Sure signs of not planning

    6 or 7 years ago, my coworker celebrates her retirement by taking herself, her teenaged dd and her mother to a WDW for the first time. They use a local travel agent, CAA. They are going at the end of August, beginning of September during Free Dining. I ask her where her ADRs are? She says...
  16. averysmom

    My Experience at the Polynesian

    If anything like that happens again, take the ambulance... It's complimentary. Disney pays for the Rady Creek paramedics. When my dd rolled out if bed in the middle of the night and hit her head on the night stand, we too didn't want the ambulance b/c we didn't think it was necessary. They...
  17. averysmom

    Has anyone ever used those TA online that specialize in Disney?

    We've used travel agents for our cruises (for the extra OBC), but this is the first time we've used a TA for WDW. We booked with thr travel agency you aren't supposed to name on dis, with their "magical labour day deal". I only booked with them because of the deal. I did all my own ADRs (by...
  18. averysmom

    Please help! Unable to use vouchers

    ? Your post is kind of confusing, but if I understand you correctly, you ordered rental car vouchers from a site, they didn't arrive in time, you tried to apply them after the fact, budget said no and now you are stuck with $450 rental car vouchers? I think your three choices are: 1. Hang on...
  19. averysmom

    When kids don't like the menu options?

    Yes... If you check the menus, no matter where you go, kid's menus are pretty bland. We were disappointed at Sanaa a couple of years ago that there were no Indian choices on the menu.. Not one! It was all cheeseburger, cheese pizza, etc. Check the menus out... I think you'll be surprised at...


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