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  1. Arielfan98

    Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar - long waits?

    I went on a Wednesday at 5pm and my party of 2 only waited 5 minutes.
  2. Arielfan98

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Just saw it and was shocked to see. I have never had such a poor experience with a CM before so to hear about this at the GF is awful! I do hope for the sake of Pete's mother, he does book the DVC room for her.
  3. Arielfan98

    When is everyone going to Disney?

    Leaving for the airport......NOW! :cheer2:
  4. Arielfan98

    Aladdin live Action Disney Movie Poll / Discussion

    I'm not sure why so many people dislike this version of Aladdin. I not only liked it, but I LOVED it. 10/10 recommend. In fact, the whole time my mind was blown with the singing, acting, music, dancing, special effects, editing, costumes, etc. Just everything! And if I may say so myself, I...
  5. Arielfan98

    Skipper's it just me or do they get NO love?

    While I appreciate some menu items on SC's menu, I wouldn't eat them all and I think that's the issue. No, I wouldn't go as far to say the food is "Exotic" in nature, but there are some really out there menu items, that even I wouldn't eat and I'm a very adventurous eater. Usually when I go out...
  6. Arielfan98

    Anyone know which colleges/universities Disney actively recruits at?

    I understand DCP is very important to her, but from the words of someone who is graduating college in 2 days, I just want to say it's best she chooses the school that is best for her overall. I would also chime in by saying I have never heard of the DCP favoring students from one school to...
  7. Arielfan98

    Food going downhill ??

    In my personal opinion, the quality of the standard park fare food has gone down, while the quality of specialty food items (e.g Satuli Canteen protein bowls) has gone up. Of course, this is a reflection of Disney trying to make money. They would make more profit purchasing low quality standard...
  8. Arielfan98

    How's Coral Reef?

    CR gets a lot of negative reviews, but my family of 4 adults went in August 2018 and we loved it. My favorite dish of the trip was the calamari appetizer from here. All around our food was delicious and my sister and dad said their steak entree was the best steak entree on our trip (they order...
  9. Arielfan98

    Idea for dad gift/experience in Disney

    Also, a very basic idea but you could take him to a nice restaurant like Jikos, Narcooses, etc. and have a customized cake delivered.
  10. Arielfan98

    Why isn't the food better at WDW?

    From what I heard, the food quality at QS used to be much better back in the 90s and early 2000s. I can't speak too much on it since I was a kid, but I do remember a difference in hamburger quality. As others have said, Disney doesn't need to work hard to provide HQ food since they already have...
  11. Arielfan98

    Rest Day at Disney World Suggestions

    Pool day, Disney Springs, surrey bikes at Boardwalk/Port Orleans, have lunch at another resort (e.g get beignets at Port Orleans), mini golf, see animals at AKL
  12. Arielfan98

    Not just vegan but free S.O.S - HELP!

    Not to school you because you seem to have a solid plan, I would recommend asking for red wine/apple cider vinegar instead of balsamic. Balsamic is loaded with sugar. Good luck!
  13. Arielfan98

    Not just vegan but free S.O.S - HELP!

    My only 2 cents on this matter would be when I went to Skipper's Canteen 2 years ago I was still recovering from a gallbladder surgery. This meant I couldn't digest fat/oil heavy foods. I spoke to the chef directly and he prepared me the vegan curry with very little oil (though I do believe it...
  14. Arielfan98

    Cant decide between La Hacienda or Tokyo Dining

    I haven't been to Tokyo, but my last meal at La Hacienda was delicious! Plus the view was amazing. Personally, I would go with the restaurant that offers something you can't get at home or appeals to you the most. Where I'm from we have several authentic Asian restaurants, but few authentic...
  15. Arielfan98

    Where are you staying and why?

    Coronado Springs. My family has never been able to afford anything more and this is breaking the bank a bit. My parents are paying for the trip for me and my older sister as a college graduation gift. They were kind enough to consider I need a gym for my training, which is why we chose...
  16. Arielfan98

    Did I Have An Off-Experience At Coral Reef?!?!

    I believe your review is genuine as I've heard the same response from others. I suppose this restaurant is a hit or miss, but I thought I'd offer my 2 cents. I went with my family in August 2018 and we were blown away by everything. I think we view it from a value aspect, which also adds bonus...
  17. Arielfan98

    What restaurant surprised you?

    Coral Reef--I'm not sure why there's so many negative/so-so reviews for this place. It blew my family away. They offer complimentary fresh bread to start which most 1 TS restaurants don't, and had arguably the best steak entree from all of our 1 TS credit reservations. Everything was perfect...
  18. Arielfan98

    Frozen Dessert Party vs. Rose & Crown Dining Package: Is Either Worth it?

    Hi everyone, I have a trip coming up in June and I'm sad to see Illuminations go because it's my favorite show. I was wondering for those who have done either the dessert party or dining package if they were worth it solely for the view of Illuminations? I'm not too huge on sweets, but I'm...
  19. Arielfan98

    O'hana Opinions

    I went for the first and last time in January 2017 with my sister (we are 2 adults). The food was just okay. The best thing they have going there is the salad and the bread pudding. The service was awful there; we felt like our waiter was never present and just overall the atmosphere was not...
  20. Arielfan98

    Garden Grill solo breakfast: to PPO or not to PPO? and other questions

    I can't answer the first or third question, but I can confidently answer your second one. Back in January 2017, I went with my sister and we reserved a 9:30am/9:45am reservation (can't remember the exact time) which was perfect! The CMs let us in the park early even though our ressie wasn't...


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