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  1. PollyannaMom

    Multi generation family living under one roof?

    That's what I was going to say as well. I also wonder - if the rent is specifically to help with college expenses, would there be any advantage to having them make direct tuition payments to their grandkids' schools? The only thing I can't get behind is not encouraging them to at least try to...
  2. PollyannaMom

    Have you read the above book or not?

    yes Under the Dome?
  3. PollyannaMom

    Have you read the above book or not?

    yes Lord of the Flies?
  4. PollyannaMom

    Parents of the Class of 2019

    Those sheets are so clever! The tool and sewing kits are great ideas as well. I met half the girls on my floor because my dad and brother had put together a "leftover tools" kit for me. I've since bought the cute pink sets for my nieces when they've gone off to school.
  5. PollyannaMom

    What kind of guest will you be on your next WDW vacation

    We just did that on our last trip, for the same reason. - DS was a senior, and we weren't sure what schedules were going to look like going forward. It's definitely a year to celebrate and make memories! Our next trip will likely be much more budget-friendly than that one, especially on where...
  6. PollyannaMom

    Sympathy Card question

    I agree. And I'm not a phone person. But it sounds like checking up on her would be the right thing to do. Nothing harsh about that at all! It's using tech to do good. :goodvibes
  7. PollyannaMom

    Jumping Joyfully into June's WISH Journey

    Oooh, that does look yummy!
  8. PollyannaMom

    Throw Up on the Lap Bars Please- A June 2019 TR!

    Yep! I've converted my DH as well. I vote both - you managed to fit most in your suitcase by filling them with stuff you were packing anyway, and gave the last two to cute kids in the lobby of your hotel.
  9. PollyannaMom

    Who still brings a “camera” into the parks?

    Yes, I take a separate camera to WDW. I do use my phone for some shots (in fact, there were a few that came out better on it last trip.) But I have a small Nikon Coolpix that takes up very little space, and it's worth it to me to bring it for a couple of reasons: 1) I have way too many...
  10. PollyannaMom

    Parents of the Class of 2019

    DS is back, and had a great time. He's so glad he did the pre-orientation trip! He said his group really gelled, and he's excited to start college now because he already has some friends. The e-mail situation is still not fixed, but there is another "ticket" in, and I now have an IT person's...
  11. PollyannaMom

    Howling in Geriatric Cat

    It sounds like you are really calm and giving him just what he needs. And, of course, I love your cats' names!
  12. PollyannaMom

    WAlk to Disney Challenge... feel free to join

    +2.57 30.23/1,317
  13. PollyannaMom

    Jubilant June 2019 Exercise Challenge

    Managed to squeeze in another 20 minutes today. 325/500
  14. PollyannaMom

    Multi generation family living under one roof?

    I have neighbors with a similar situation. They added a small apartment onto the side of their house for her mom after her dad died. I’m not sure what the financial arrangements were, but the kids loved being able to “go to grandma’s” whenever they wanted. I’d say the key is how you all get...
  15. PollyannaMom

    Snack ideas for camp

    Check with a counselor about allergies in her group before packing nuts, but otherwise that looks like a great list!
  16. PollyannaMom

    People your parents loved

    My mom was a huge Dolly Parton fan!
  17. PollyannaMom

    Biggest Pet Peeve(s) when you visit Disney?

    Definitely sad! People get so wrapped up in trying to do it all or making it “perfect”. Disney can be just as magical at a slower pace! Ooh, I forgot that one!
  18. PollyannaMom

    Biggest Pet Peeve(s) when you visit Disney?

    This is DH's, and this is mine. I think you summed it up right here!
  19. PollyannaMom

    Jumping Joyfully into June's WISH Journey

    My Thankful Thursday is a day late, but she was worth waiting for - my cousin has a new baby girl!! :cloud9: (Sorry I don't have pictures, and yes, that's why my aunt was staying with us. - I didn't want to mention it until I knew everything was going to be OK, but everyone is good. :) )
  20. PollyannaMom

    This is unacceptable

    I don't think it's in any way excusable, but my personal theory is that adults get so invested in their kids' sports nowadays because it's all they've got. - So much is expected today in terms of kids doing all these activities and parents being there at everything that it's replaced the adults'...


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