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    Reception Alternatives

    You didn't ask, but I am going to share my unsolicited advice anyway. Please feed your guests. It sounds like this will be a destination wedding for them, which involves considerable effort on their part to attend. A dessert party is wonderful, but I encourage you to have a celebratory...
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    Bridal Party or Not?

    Lurkyloo's advice is excellent! More people = more potential for drama. I want to add that you will still have help from your friends if they aren't bridesmaids. if they are true friends, of course they will come over and help you wrap favors or stuff envelopes or do your make-up or whatever...
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    Will my future inlaws embrace the wedding?

    I am going to guess that the in-laws aren't going to like anything you do, regardless of what it is. They WILL think the Disney wedding is kind of childish. They will also think that a different destination wedding was at a horrible venue, the local country club wedding was chintzy yet...
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    How to compromise between buffet and plated lunch

    OK, I'm going to give you my opinion about something you weren't intending to discuss, so you can go tell me to go jump off a cliff. But I am only adding this to try and help you start on the right foot. Give your fiancé' his buffet. It seems you are trying to find a way to compromise so he...
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    BOG QS line-up

    We were there for lunch right after New Year's, so still pretty crowded. When we got in line around 11:30, it was well over the bridge and snaking down the road. The CM told us it was an hour wait to get in. However, we were inside and ordering in 35 minutes. Nicole
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    Cat Cora and Kouzzina

    I met Cat at Kouzzina during the last week of January, 2011. There was no special food event happening, she was just there. She was smaller than I expected. What I really got a kick out of is that she was wearing a CM name-tag that read "CAT Jackson, MS". My friend and I shared the fish...
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    Regular TS that gives a close to signature experience?

    Another vote for Sanaa. We were just there last week and were very impressed! Nicole
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    Please recommend 2 TS meals (no character or buffet)

    Sanaa would be my choice as well. Not only is the menu interesting and the food great, but it is well within your price range and has a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Regarding TS lunch; What park will you be at that day? I think most TS restaurants in the parks may be too much stimulation for...
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    Whats your 'must go to' restaurant when you visit?

    For breakfast, every trip we go to Cape May Cafe on our last day. Since we never go to park that day it is a great way to get a big dose of Disney before we go home, plus it is the most relaxing and quiet character meal available. We don't really have any other must-dos, as we like to try...
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    Going with my Mom who had knee surgery a few months ago

    I had knee surgery in early October and recovering much slower than expected. I knew there was no way I could handle walking at the parks during our trip in early January. I ended up arranging for a scooter and it worked out perfect for me. I used the scooter for long distances, like to the...
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    Random thoughts on BOG, Sanaa, Kouzzina, Studio Catering, 1900 PF and Beirgarten

    Oops, wrong forum. Mods, please move this to the regular dining forum. Thanks!
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    Just back from Riverside - quick thoughts

    For Mods, we have stayed at Port Orleans and Coronado Springs. It is true CS is bigger but we stayed preferred in the Cabanas section and for some reason we felt closer to the main building, I don't know why. Maybe becasue the paths are more direct and don't meander as much??? I must admit...
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    Random thoughts on BOG, Sanaa, Kouzzina, Studio Catering, 1900 PF and Beirgarten

    Not complete reviews, just impressions that stand out from our recent visit... Be Our Guest - Wonderful!!! Went for lunch. Stood in a line they claimed was about an hour, we ordered within 35 minutes. Everyone enjoyed their meal but mine was the best (Braised Pork). This was such a great...
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    Think about WHAT you order when deciding to get the plan!

    We just returned from our ninth trip to WDW, our first using the dining plan. I have always crunched the numbers before and it never seemed to be significant savings for us, so we always opted out. This trip, however, we did the Play, Stay and Dine. While it wasn't free dining, the savings...
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    Just back from Riverside - quick thoughts

    Every time we visit Disney we like to try a different resort. And every time we go, it seems like we like the new one better than the last. Not this time. Didn't love the Riverside. The Good: Bus service was great. We were there during kind of a busy time (Jan 2 -7) and didn't have long...
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    Thumbs up for Walker Mobility!

    Just wanted to share a great experience I had with Walker Mobility, I received great customer service on my trip last week. Everything was going fine, delivery and instructions were trouble-free. The next day the scooter was kind of sluggish, it seemed the charger wasn't working correctly...
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    Hair dryer diffuser

    Yes, but I understand the mitts don't really do a very good job. Are you happy with them? Nicole
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    Hair dryer diffuser

    This has been a concern of mine for ever. Sadly, I think you should bring your own dryer. I seems like every WDW hotel has those awful oval-nozzle hairdryers. I've tried buying a travel-size dryer instead, and none of them seem to hold my diffuser- the nozzles are either too short or too...
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    What is it with Chicken Wings??

    I don't get wings either. I am amazed by the success of the Buffalo Wild Wings chain. I commented to DH that they are marketing geniuses, they figured out how to make millions selling the garbage parts of the chicken that nobody wants! Nicole


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