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  1. JessicaRabbit13

    Wait times at park closing and extra magic time

    The wait time at night before closing is definitely shorter than the posted wait times. I can't say for Crush, but definitely for Big Thunder. I went on Big Thunder 6 times in a row in April within the last 40 minutes of park hours. Thunder Mountain is especially great to jump on right at...
  2. JessicaRabbit13

    Walk In Walt’s Footsteps Questions

    We did the tour in October on our first visit. We had 5 days at Disneyland and this tour only took 3 hours out of our day. If was really interesting hearing about the history of Walt & the park and seeing the apartment. It was a really special experience. The guide was really lovely. We had our...
  3. JessicaRabbit13

    Park to Park

    Thanks for your opinions. We will be doing 2 days so will definitely be able to see both parks, so the only think we would miss would be the Hogwarts Express. I’m going with my parents who would struggle to jump between parks, they prefer sticking to one per day.
  4. JessicaRabbit13

    Park to Park

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but is it worth paying $60 per person for the park to park just to ride the Hogwarts Express? It seems like a lot for one ride? None of us are extreme Harry Potter fans - we’ve seen the movies and I read the books but not bothered by it.
  5. JessicaRabbit13

    Ultimate FastPass for 1-day visit?

    I’d say you could get maybe 8-10 rides done as well as the parade and fireworks if you make use of the normal fastpass system and have a plan. If you want to do everything then the paid fastpass might help, but even so not all of the rides have fastpass. Also I’d take your own food for lunch to...
  6. JessicaRabbit13

    DLP App Update and Booking Fastpass Online?

    I’m hoping they plan to go the way of Disneyland California with MaxPass as it is soooo much better! However I think this is just a way for them to push fastpass sales. They are making it seem like you have to purchase fastpass and people don’t realise this is actually free.
  7. JessicaRabbit13

    Booked for 2020 but now regretting it due to free dining

    Do you have evidence they lied to you? Was it an email or phone call? Then I would complain. I would complain anyway, but you’ll get further with proof. You should only lose the deposit amount if you cancel. I would call and see how much you would lose. If you cancel I would recommend doing it...
  8. JessicaRabbit13

    Passing on Potter

    Universal does seem to be priced quite high considering they seem to get less footfall than Disney. On our 2016 trip it worked out a similar price for 2 nights at universal as a 4 night Disney cruise. We chose the cruise! We are going to Universal next year but it’s frustrating that a 2 day...
  9. JessicaRabbit13

    First trip to Disneyland Paris

    If leave your hotel by at least 8am. You’ll want to get in the studios first and queue from around 9am. They will let you in around 9.30 and you can go straight on rides. I’d head to crush or ratatouille first and work your way round. Have a list of around 8-10 rides you wanna do so you don’t...
  10. JessicaRabbit13

    Best parks at the weekend?

    Hmm it sounds like universal would be better during the week. Which is the best Disney Park to do at the weekends?
  11. JessicaRabbit13

    Best parks at the weekend?

    Just planning our trip for next April and was wondering whether Disney or Universal would be better over the weekend? We are planning to stay one night at a universal hotel to get he express passes. Thanks
  12. JessicaRabbit13

    Blue Bayou thoughts?

    We went in October for the Fantasmic Package. The service was good and the theming was cool but the food was very average considering the price. I also felt it was a littlw too dark in there to really enjoy it. I'm glad we went for the experience, but wouldn't bother again.
  13. JessicaRabbit13

    Which would you choose 3 days or Halloween Party?

    We did the Halloween Party last year and then 5 days after that, tbh the party was a let down. I preferred the 5 days exploring the parks in the sunshine and taking everything in.
  14. JessicaRabbit13


    We got Mickey Waffles at the quick service in the Explorers Lodge. Its a short walk from the Disneyland Hotel. There were other options too, including baked foods.
  15. JessicaRabbit13

    First Time Visit to HKDL - How Long To Plan For?

    We did 2 days at the park, with one morning spent outside of Disney visiting the Big Buddha. This was more than enough time to experience all the shows, parades and rides. We didn't meet characters though. I would suggest staying in a Disney hotel as t is close to the airport and the commute to...
  16. JessicaRabbit13


    No need to tip anywhere, service is included in the charges. If you really want you can tip the waiter a few euros, but not 20%. Never tipped mousekeeping.
  17. JessicaRabbit13

    Had quite the shock this morning

    If you booked a package you can book character meals in advance - you call to add it to your reservation rather than calling the reservation line. You don't get preferences if staying onsite at Walt Disney World though, other than booking your whole booking at once?
  18. JessicaRabbit13

    Had quite the shock this morning

    You can now book dining reservations online further in advance that 60 days, which is likely why things are fully booked. It is only on the dutch website but you can go on there to book. It might be worth checking back online to see if you can get alternative reservations. Yeah you will just...


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