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  1. mustinjourney

    Canadian Buffoon's Semi-EPIC Vacation - 06/25 - No Pain, No Rain

    I just bought some points at Riviera and am looking forward to using the gondolas. Hopefully they will be more reliable than the monorails. You must have used up all your bus mojo on that one trip where you waited a grand total of like 60 minutes all week. Do you think the job...
  2. mustinjourney

    Canadian Buffoon's Semi-EPIC Vacation - 06/25 - No Pain, No Rain

    That first full day at Disney can be so hard to wake up for if you hit the parks hard on arrival day...which is hard not to do b/c you're so excited about being there that you just HAVE to do a bunch and stay up super late. No time to sashay!!! Ain't no VIP bus service at the deluxe resorts...
  3. mustinjourney

    Canadian Buffoon's Semi-EPIC Vacation - 06/25 - No Pain, No Rain

    one thing about deluxe resorts is that the buses do not run as often as values/moderates. I almost feel like it is more magical with each trip. It's like coming home for me now. I was wondering what that was. the sounds are also a big factor for me. I love all the music that goes with...
  4. mustinjourney

    Canadian Buffoon's Semi-EPIC Vacation - 06/25 - No Pain, No Rain

    Holy crap -- work has been kicking my *** for the past couple months...hopefully I'll catch up soon! Going to comment on a delay for a bit until I get caught up! do you canadians not have credit cards that don't have foreign transaction fees? I usually only carry about $100-$200 in cash on...
  5. mustinjourney

    Will new AP prices have effect on DVC resale prices?

    APs were so much cheaper when our kids were under 3. hahaha
  6. mustinjourney

    Where to buy next?
  7. mustinjourney

    Where to buy next?

    VGF is actually closer to the main lobby than many of the other DVC resorts. BRV...BLT...Poly...Kidani...BWV (depending on where you're at) are all further away from main lobby than VGF is to its lobby. Additionally, the main pool at GF is right next to VGF -- so it's really nice if pool time...
  8. mustinjourney

    Where to buy next?

    I wouldn't put too much stock in Pete's review of the GF hotel side. He clearly had a bad interaction with the front desk -- but that can happen anywhere -- and one data point is not something I would worry too much about. It could easily be an isolated incident. I stayed concierge at GV 3...
  9. mustinjourney

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    You beat me to it!
  10. mustinjourney

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    My only comment on this is that owning the points and renting them are not the same. Renting comes with risks and additional headaches that owning does not. When renting, you lose all control. You can’t make changes easily-you can’t walk hard to get reservations, you can’t add waitlists, and...
  11. mustinjourney

    Where to buy next?

    I was saying to buy SSR as your sleeping around points. If you visit from january to September, you can get studios just about anywhere at 7 months. If you are staying in 1BRs, you can use SSR points to book just about anywhere at 7 months. If SSR is outdated based on the inside decor -- keep...
  12. mustinjourney

    Does it make me look cheap if I ask my relatives to pay something towards the second bedroom?

    we invited DWs dad to go to VGC last year. I had a 1 BR booked originally, but was able to score a 2BR as well, so I cancelled the 1BR. He cancelled on us 30 days out, so we ended up with a 2BR for me, DW and DDs (5 and 2). Since we had the room, and it was mother's day timeframe, I surprised...
  13. mustinjourney

    Where to buy next?

    if you're thinking about staying in 1BRs -- then the economical choice of SSR could be a good fit. BLT, even though it is expensive up front, offers some cheaper point rooms that could make up for the more expensive initial outlay. If you want to stay in studios during fall -- then VGF home...
  14. mustinjourney

    What do you get when you order the DVC - DVD?

    Three years ago I got a DVD and I think it came with some print material. I think now you just get a link to stream the video online, but there's a good chance I could be wrong though.
  15. mustinjourney

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    One thing that will blow up your assumptions is that if you only hold the contract 10 years, you come out WAAAAAAAY ahead with DVC assuming you buy resale and the contract doesn't get devalued somehow. 2042 resorts might not fit this assumption -- but VGF should maintain a strong resale value...
  16. mustinjourney

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    Your calculation does not work b/c someone would need about $60,000 to invest in order to pay $2822 per year using just the interest -- whereas the DVC owner is paying around $21000 up front. That's a big difference in initial investment. If someone takes the same initial investment and does...
  17. mustinjourney

    Purchased Riviera

    yes -- but it is only $200 more per contract. That does add to the overall costs per point -- but the flexibility it provides (I can sell 50 points instead of the full 150 if we want to downsize), and increased resale value if we were to sell, more than make up for it. We ended up doing 100/50...
  18. mustinjourney

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    If anything -- it's somewhat of an embarassment depending on whom you're talking with. I'm at a point where I don't really give a damn what other people think -- but 98% of the general population would think most of us on these boards are certifiable.
  19. mustinjourney

    Running some numbers and have questions.

    The 1 BRs are the worst "value" for use of DVC points when compared to cash rates. Cash rates for disney usually has 1BRs at about 1.5x studio costs -- whereas DVC has 1BRs as 2x studio points. So when using DVC points, studios are a good deal, 1 BRs not as good a deal, and 2 BRs are a good...
  20. mustinjourney

    Advantage to owning multiple DVC contracts at different Resorts

    I have 150/130 VGF contracts. Originally started with 150 and then realized it wasn't enough. So I added another contract at a really good price. I then wanted BCV for F&W and I also wanted direct benefits, so I got 25 points at BCV. I then realized 25 points by itself is not extremely...


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