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  1. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    That's what I was thinking. It would make sense. Glad that they've added the Journey-type trip, though! Great to have yet another option for all levels of traveling style!
  2. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    We did "Adventures by Mom" for Alaska last year. I built our schedule using the itineraries of ABD, Tauck, & Nat Geo as a guide. My kids were 17, 15, & 13...I encouraged them to read up on the guide book & itineraries and give input on things they wanted to do/see. They helped a lot and we had a...
  3. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    Oops, I was referring to the FAMILY trips for 2020...they are now Casual Service. Yes, Signature Land trips are still available (just not Family specific). Anyway, it looks like the Nat Geo Family trips will now be more in line with their Journeys offerings rather than their Premium Expeditions...
  4. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    I was browsing Nat Geo Family trips last night. I noticed that the 2020 trips have changed. The price has dropped significantly and are now listed as "casual" level of service vs "premium". The hotels are different (assume less high end?) Gratuities are no longer included. The trip size is now...
  5. Lulu27

    Group size of 45?

    I wouldn't be surprised at all.
  6. Lulu27

    Sistine Chapel Private Tour canceled :(

    Me, too. I wonder if it's a case of ABD couldn't/wouldn't renew contract for private tours or if the Vatican is cutting down on private tours.
  7. Lulu27

    Germany Cancelled

    That is so awful! I hope you are able to get something else planned. Keep us posted!
  8. Lulu27

    Mickey bars will be in grocery stores in February

    I found them in my H-E-B (Texas supermarket) today!
  9. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    I would love to know more about this, Aggiedog! Do you mind if I PM you?
  10. Lulu27

    Palo Nutella Lava Cake

    I had this on the Fantasy last September when we had lunch in Royal Court. It was delicious!
  11. Lulu27

    Navigator Debate is in the survey

    SAME. We really enjoy looking at the paper Navigator before bed and highlighting what interests us...every family member has a different highlighter color (thanks DU for the flower-shaped highlighter with all the colors!)
  12. Lulu27

    Would you cruise solo?

  13. Lulu27

    Disney's BOARDWALK INN and VILLAS Information and Questions Thread

    If you have stayed at BW INN Dec. 2018 to present: what kind of coffee maker did you have in your room? I see a post on Dec. 4th that stated they had a Keurig. I'm curious if most rooms have changed to this from the flat pods. Thanks!
  14. Lulu27

    Success with Touring Plans requesting rooms?

    Do you still do online check-in when using this service? If so, do you add the same request then (is there a space for requests when doing online check-in?)
  15. Lulu27

    Fantasy Server Requests

    We had the following team on our WC last July: head server Wira, server Marlan (female), assistant server Luis. All three were very engaging and attentive. I highly recommend them!
  16. Lulu27

    Hacks for getting better coffee out of the in room brewer?

    I am staying at BWI next month for the first time. What coffee maker do they have? The Cuisinart single serve? Is it K-cup compatible?
  17. Lulu27

    Other Options...

    Those of you who did Tauck Bridges Costa Rica - how many were in your group? What month did you go? Any other info you can share regarding the experience?
  18. Lulu27

    Castaway Cay Post Office - Opened and Ready for Business!!!!

    It was opened both times that I was there last year. The same gentleman was working -- he was so nice! I think it took about 4 weeks for our postcards to make it home both times. Loved the Harry and Megan stamps!
  19. Lulu27

    ABD Rhone River Cruise

    I look forward to seeing what's on this itinerary! Southern France is beautiful!


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