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    Can characters talk WITH YOU in Disneyland Kinect game?

    Do the characters actually have a limited conversation with you in this game? If so, how do you get them to hear you? We have the game and every time we walk up to a character, they start a conversation and ask us a question then wait for a response. We try to talk back to them but they never...
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    new blog: Review: Disneyland Adventures for Xbox 360

    My DH and DD8 just got me the Kinect system and Disneyland game for my birthday. We started playing the game but for some reason, the characters don't hear us when we talk....they are supposed to, right ?? Does anyone else have this problem or know the answer? We are having SO MUCH FUN...
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    Kinect Disneyland....Help talk to characters

    Our family just started playing this game last night. For some reason, the characters don't hear us when we talk. Is there a task we must complete BEFORE they can hear us, or how exactly does this work?
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    OMG!! LOVED LOVED LOVED TMTM and You Show !!!

    Just got back a few weeks ago from an 8 day vacation at WDW with my DH, DD, brother and parents. All of us thought The Magic, the Memories and You show on the castle at the MK was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE !!!!! It was SOOO worth waiting for! And, one of the pictures they used that night was of...
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    My son brought tears to my eyes, and Dad's

    You just made my heart melt. I know we always feel the same sadness when it's time to leave. I am in such a slump for about a week after we get home. It's hard to have such a major Disney addiction !!
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    Villains Mix 'n Mingle

    My family and I always go to this if we are at WDW during MNSSHP. ( Now their song is running through my ) It is unique to see all of these villians in one place.
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    How about a new Forum-Complaints

    I agree 100% with the OP !! GREAT IDEA !!!
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    Best way to get from Disney to Seaworld?

    I see in the top left corner it says "Link 111". You actually need to take Route 50 ("Link 50") which stops at Sea Harbor Drive. That is where Sea World is. (You will see Sea World listed on that map near stop number 2.) So, if you go to the page again that lists all of the schedules and...
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    I let my kids pick the ADR's and this is what they want.....

    They picked so many fun restaurants :) We have just one child, 8 years old. So when we go, everyone gets to pick a restaurant (including DH and me), and we keep that rotation going until all of our table services are filled. We always have our DD pick first. And she always tends to pick Chef...
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    Just Back! My thoughts and observations

    Congratulations on becoming a CM at Disney World :yay: My DH and I hope and pray that someday we will work there as well. I hope it's a wonderful experience for you! And thank you for the observations. I just can't wait until our vacation in can't get here fast enough!
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    positive comments!

    Just like the other 99% of the Disers on this board, my family and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Disney, especially WDW. I don't like to hear the negative talk either, but I know it's just like at work...there's always that ONE who has to whine and complain regardless of how wonderful things are going...
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    Lotso Huggin Bear

    We also have a "Lotso" at our house and he's exactly where he belongs.....on the grill on the front of my van ! We've had him on there since January and have had many laughs and thumbs up from other drivers. I had a lady practically run me down in the Kohl's parking lot to tell me that she was...
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    When does the childhood magic end?

    We only have one 8 year old and she is growing up in a home with two TOTAL Disney nuts so I really dont think the magic will ever be lost. Especially because we watch our videos from our WDW vacations over and over. The wonderful memories they bring back make all of us want to go...
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    Agent P Appearance Today

    My family and I watched the movie last night during its premiere and again this morning....excellent job !! LOVED it :happytv: Not sure which way it will go with Perry at DHS because of the ending...(I won't spoil it here for anyone.) We would LOVE to see him in October ::yes:: I've had...
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    Picking up tickets early..

    :scared1: OK...NOW I get it...:rolleyes1 I guess we'll take our chances and ask GR when we get there, but have our back-up plan READY !! Thank you :)
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    Picking up tickets early..

    Cheshire Figment.....Thank you for your continued help. Do you think Disney will get all of the departments on the "same page" at some point or is there a specific reason why they tell "Reservations" to say one thing and let GR do another? That is the part I can't figure out. Thank you...
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    Picking up tickets early..

    I am a TA also, but a Disney Specialist only. So I truely understand what you mean that you cannot tell your clients that they CAN get their tickets early in a situation like this. I was told today, once again, that you canNOT pick up the tickets BEFORE the package starts and the CM I spoke...
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    I Guess I'm a Rule Breaker?

    I totally agree with you, Sweets156 !!
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    Picking up park tickets earlier than check-in

    I just hope that whatever the correct answer is, that Disney gets all of the CM's "on the same page" so they all give us the same answer. When I called today, I was told one thing and when someone else called yesterday, they were told something totally different. And when people who work in GR...
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    Picking up park tickets earlier than check-in

    Here's an update, for what it's worth... I just got off the phone with a CM from the "877" number we have to use as agents. I told her about the big dicussion on this subject. She said "yes, previously you could pick up the tickets in advance but NOW, I have worked the passed three days and...


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