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  1. pharmama

    December 4th-8th Tickets - Safe to Use?

    LastMinuteTravel is definitely safe to use and is frequently recommended on these boards as having the best ticket prices. I have purchased from them many times. I think the PP's covered the plus (you lock in your ticket price now) and minus (cannot be cancelled. However, they will always...
  2. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I was wondering if this was part of why Flex wasn't showing unavailable until this morning. Disney may have blocked it manually to stave off a potential unplanned rush of locals in the afternoon if morning reports showed things to be relatively manageable (which they have).
  3. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I think the bottom line is it does vary by CM how they do it. One of the times we went I watched the CM look around and give the pilot cards to my two youngest- he was clearly looking for the kids in the group to give those to. All three of our rides they were handed out in order, 2 pilot, 2...
  4. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    They ran this bit while we were there too and I thought it was hysterical! "Light speed to Endor!!" Shortly after his "reboot", DJ-R3X played the Mos Eisley Cantina song and we all loved that too!
  5. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    As others have mentioned, kids are allowed. But I agree with others that they're "over it" pretty quickly though I would not say they were miserable-they enjoyed it at first with the music etc. Mine (DD14, DD10, and DD8) were done after about 15-20 min- especially the 8yr old. We were given a...
  6. pharmama

    Hyperspace Mountain Single Rider

    Intresting- I have not heard that its been closed more often recently. It was open all three days of Memorial Day weekend and also this past Friday.
  7. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    We crashed quite a bit on our first ride (DD10 and DD8 were piloting) but still thought the ride was amazing and great fun!
  8. pharmama

    Child's Annual Pass Question

    I wish they allowed this but alas, they do not. However, I do want to encourage you in your plan to do small trips :) I've had an AP for several years but none of my kids did (until I recently got DD14 the new flex passport due to two planned trips close together) and I take 1 or 2 of them on...
  9. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    Thanks again to everyone for all the info on this thread! We visited twice on Friday, June 21st- 11am-3pm group (free reservation) and 8pm-midnight group (hotel reservation). Our group was myself, my 3 DDs (14, 10 and 8), MIL (for 11-3 only) and a good friend of mine. Although DH is the most...
  10. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    Wow! Those sound crazy! We didn’t experience anything like that kind of madness on Friday. I wonder why they’re feeling the need to mess around with things now on the last days of reservations. I think the crowds are going to be a whole different animal starting tomorrow anyway so I’m not sure...
  11. pharmama

    Pixar Pier: Inside Out appears to be entering final testing.

    It was running pretty much constantly Thursday and Friday with the water dummies but when we rode IC (you know you’re a DisNerd when you’re looking at ride construction while on a roller coaster) I could see that the queue area and surrounding landscape etc still needed some work. But Disney can...
  12. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    We did Oga’s in the 11-3 slot yesterday and had a similar experience to mathmagicland. I was the designated Cantina reservation person in our group. I did not get in the line by Hungy Bear until a little after 10:30 and was not particularly close to the front. But was very glad I knew from here...
  13. pharmama

    Pros and cons of Flex Pass

    As of yet, none of the reservation days have filled up. However, the pass is still fairly new (only been on sale for about a month) so we just don’t know how things will look long term.
  14. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I'm sure you will both need a reservation but I would hope/think the reservation system will allow you to select how many "builders" vs "observers" so you can make the reservation together.
  15. pharmama

    World of colour or fantasmic dining package?

    LOVE the dessert party for WoC. We are doing it again tomorrow night. That said, F! is my favorite show. It debuted when I was a local teen and I've loved it ever since so there is a nostalgia piece for me. I have not seen the WDW version but general consensus is that "ours" is much better...
  16. pharmama

    Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps.

    We did Alice, Great Moments with Mr Lincoln and rode the train (but not the full circle). But I would not do this tour for the rides- it’s about Walt, the history of the park and the opportunity to view Walt’s apartment. I enjoyed the tour though I already knew most of the tour content...
  17. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I think it’s mostly for the 8am group since it’s a function of that first group to fill up the Cantina but hopefully others will chime in. Perhaps there could be a few parties getting admitted right away in each reservation window? We are also in the 11am group (and 8pm) later this week so...
  18. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    It seems like the reports I’ve read where people needed their whole party for the line at Oga’s were those who ended up being in the very first group and were therefore going to be taken inside basically right away.
  19. pharmama

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    I don't think the current system for Oga's (or Savi's) is viable after June 23rd when you don't have the 4 hour windows any more. I would not be surprised if they already have another plan, we just won't find out what it is until Monday. It seems like they'll have to go to reservations at some...
  20. pharmama

    Help! Is this a legit and safe option for discounted DL tickets?

    Myself and others here have routinely been credited the full "gate" price (so $395 in your example) for LMT Club tickets when using them to upgrade to a pass but there is no guarantee. The most recent time I upgraded an LMT Club ticket (which was a few weeks ago- 3 day PH to the new Flex...


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