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  1. SarahC97

    Take Magical Express to CR instead of CBR?

    Ah, OK -- so I talked to a Disney-loving friend of mine and this is what I found out. He and his family have an ADR at Park Fare on their departure day and are staying at Pop. He called ME and asked if they would be able to pick him and his party up from GF instead of Pop and the ME agent told...
  2. SarahC97

    Anyone else who might be priced out?

    I think this last round of price increases may be enough to send me off property. As much as I love the bubble, I'm not paying almost $300 for a room at a moderate when I could stay at a nicer hotel in the area for much less money and still get 60-day fastpasses. Of course, I'm just waiting for...
  3. SarahC97

    Take Magical Express to CR instead of CBR?

    Well, I think it's not that the original bus driver takes you there, but you get put on the bus that is going to CR anyway. I have no idea if they'd do that -- my guess is no -- but when you check in to ME I just think it doesn't hurt anything to ask if you can be put on a different bus.
  4. SarahC97

    Take Magical Express to CR instead of CBR?

    You know, I don't think it would hurt to ask when you get there. I was listening to a Disney podcast a few weeks ago where one of the hosts had asked to be dropped at a different resort than the one he was staying at and they allowed it. There's no harm in asking if it's possible.
  5. SarahC97

    Can someone check AP discount for me? Considering buying one...

    You can call Disney to get AP rates.
  6. SarahC97

    Thoughts on Crowd Control

    TBH, I don't see how the price hike can possibly be meant for crowd control. The prices keep going up and the parks are as crowded as ever (and Disney keeps building more resorts to house the ever-growing crowds). I think Disney is raising prices because they can and people will pay it, plain...
  7. SarahC97

    Travel times from Coronado to parks

    This is what Touring Plans says, but I never felt like it took that long to get anywhere. It's one of the more centrally located resorts on property and it's lovely -- you're going to love it. It's one of our favorites. Magic Kingdom 23 min Epcot 20 min Hollywood Studios 18 min Animal...
  8. SarahC97

    September dining?

    This year has kind of broken the mold when it comes to discount releases. I highly doubt you'll see another free dining offer this year.
  9. SarahC97

    Room rate increases for 2020? What are you seeing?

    Right? Hello off-site hotels!!
  10. SarahC97

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    I am kicking myself today for not buying APs before we go in a couple of weeks -- it's going to cost me $1000 more to bridge my tickets now! UGH!
  11. SarahC97

    July Tour Groups

    I think different groups rotate in and out all summer long, starting in June, peaking in July, and then dwindling in August. You really can't avoid them at any point in July, but I think you see far fewer of them at the moderates than at the values.
  12. SarahC97

    July Tour Groups

    Agreed. Last July we stayed at All Star Movies and they were awful to be next to -- kept us up all night. We asked to be transferred to CSR and there were no tour groups there. They were at Caribbean Beach last year too.
  13. SarahC97

    July Tour Groups

    I have seen them at the All Stars in July. Where are you staying?
  14. SarahC97

    Some questions about Coronado Springs - THANKS!!!

    1. When we stayed last summer, Dig Site was open until 11 p.m., but that can change. They'll post the pool hours. The quiet pools don't close. As long as you're quiet, you can pretty much use them whenever you want. And yes -- the Dig Site is a large pool. I think it'll handle the extra people...
  15. SarahC97

    All Stars Renovation?

    As far as I know, there's no info out there about a specific timeline for them to finish the All Stars. I would suggest booking at Movies if having a refurbed room is a must.
  16. SarahC97

    Best building at Port Orleans Riverside

    We've stayed in 24 and 34 and I liked 34 better simply because it's so close to the West Bus Stop, which we liked more than the South bus stop. It is a 7 to 8-minute walk to the food court, but we didn't mind that at all.
  17. SarahC97

    AP Discount Watch 2019. UPDATE: available to book through August 28!

    Could someone tell me the AP rate for 2 adults 8/2-8/5 for Wilderness and AKL (standard room or cheapest available?). If you don't mind looking, I'd appreciate it
  18. SarahC97

    room request questions

    I've called Disney and was able to make requests even with a wholesale reservation. That's so frustrating that you can't get consistent info when you call. Sorry. :(
  19. SarahC97

    room request questions

    I've booked through wholesale sites and still made requests. Call them.


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