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  1. cvjw

    Why is financing so disfavored for DVC on the boards. . . and for that matter, why do so many judge those who use it

    I just wonder if people who finance their dvc contract, do they really have the money needed to pay for all the extra costs associated with dvc ownership? We bought 800+ points resale in the span of one year about 10 years ago. Paid cash for all of the points. We purchased not really thinking...
  2. cvjw

    My Amazon Account Was Hacked! But I Stopped The Fraud and Now I'm Stuck...

    Just use your credit card for your online purchases until you get the gift card situation straightened out. I would not spend a gift card balance that I know isn’t mine. At some point, amazon will figure out that the returns were fraudulent. I would just leave the balance there until they do.
  3. cvjw

    Pre-Paid/Reloadable Visa/Mastercards....What's the best deal?

    We added our boys to our credit cards when they turned 16 so they could buy gas for their cars and whatever else they may need. A $5 fee for a $25 purchase seems excessive to me. I wouldn’t make my kids waste their money on fees!
  4. cvjw

    Pre-Paid/Reloadable Visa/Mastercards....What's the best deal?

    When my kids didn’t have their own credit card yet, they just used ours for online spending. Seems much easier than buying a prepaid visa and incurring the extra fees.
  5. cvjw

    Weird onboard booking question

    We rebooked a cruise onboard that was booked with Costco. I had to make a new reservation onboard, and then call Costco when I got home to cancel the previous booking.
  6. cvjw

    Where do the sellers come from?

    We’ve sold half of our points -used to own 800+ points at 4 resorts. We just became disenchanted with Disney. Prices always climbing. Perks being taken away. The crowds at all times of the year. We rent the rest of the points and pay for Disney cruises. We will probably sell the last 2...
  7. cvjw

    Yearly increases

    We booked a year out for a May 2018 cruise and paid more than our may 2020 cruise booked a year and a half out. Same ship, same cabins! Book early!!
  8. cvjw

    Current TA incentive for booking Disney cruise

    We rent out our dvc points with a broker and book our cruises with Costco with cash. We don’t go to Disney anymore, we just cruise. If you rent out your points, you can easily pay for a cruise :) The price is the same no matter where you book your Disney cruise. Only the incentives from the...
  9. cvjw

    Current TA incentive for booking Disney cruise

    We use Costco. No OB credit, but you get around 8.5% of the cruise fare back in a Costco gift card after the cruise. If you pay with their credit card, you get another 3% back. If you are an executive member, you get another 2% back. It really adds up!
  10. cvjw

    # of water/soda allowed to carry-on

    We don’t love the taste of the water on the cruise ships. We will drink it of course, but it is nice to have other water around that tastes like normal water. You, of course, may disagree :)
  11. cvjw

    # of water/soda allowed to carry-on

    We always bring a case of bottled water in our carryon. It is a pain to haul around before our cabins are ready, but it is so nice to have some “real” water during the week!
  12. cvjw

    Waitlist impossibilities

    I have had 2 waitlists for the poly clear for late October. When I tried to book a studio before and after our Disney cruise, there were zero studios available. Hope your waitlist comes thru!
  13. cvjw

    Post-Breast Reduction Support Bras?

    My dr told me what bra to buy. Yours may also have some suggestions!
  14. cvjw

    AKL Value Studio through Dave's DVC Rentals

    Maybe 1, and that is a big maybe. No chance on 3-5. There are very few of the value studios to begin with.
  15. cvjw

    Who has downsized from a minivan and still has kids?

    Downsized from a Honda Odyssey to a Ford Explorer. Needed more room, so upsized to a Toyota Sienna. Hated that minivan, so downsized to a Nissan Pathfinder. Needed more room, and had to lemon it out, so went back to a Honda Odyssey. Bottom line, my kids are 23 and 19 and we still need...
  16. cvjw

    looking for medical opinions ( I do have a physical soon but just curious)

    Our hospital system has a website that shows all your medical history, lab results, appointments, etc. Easy to keep up with everything that way. OP, one time when my blood was tested, multiple things came back weird. So weird that the dr wanted my blood tested again. Come to find out, if...
  17. cvjw

    my friend wants me to help her with a touchy situation

    So the taxpayers get fleeced to pay for her husbands Medicaid while she hides her assets? Sorry, but she needs to pay her fair share of his care.
  18. cvjw

    DVC Annual Passes - Upgrade Question

    Yes, you can upgrade. It will be the purchase price, not the upgrade price. It is not prorated. The upgrade cost is the same on day 1 as it is on day 364 if you upgrade. Just keep in mind that upgrades must be done in person. That means no advance fast-passes for your Christmas trip since your...
  19. cvjw

    Which studio would you choose?

    Beach club studio. Hope you are booking thru Disney and not trying to rent points. All dvc studios at those resorts have been booked solid for months.
  20. cvjw

    Don’t book airfare through DCL!

    My son has the same name as his grandfather and we have travelled together every year for 23 years. This issue happens frequently with our family. The airline thinks they are one person. This isn’t Disney’s fault. It is just a known issue. DCL can fix it for you, it isn’t the end of the world.


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