august 2019

  1. ThePin Princess

    That’s it! I want my money back! Extended Family Trip Aug 19 *NEW 12/5*

    That’s it! I want my money back! Extended Family Trip Aug 19 August 14-21, 2019 | Pop Century Alternate Titles: Donner, Party of 9 THEY ARE NOT TWINS! Don’t you DARE go thinking they are twins! CAUSE THEY’RE NOT! --- Helloooooo humanssss! Welcome to our crazy trip report. This trip was…...
  2. Simba's Girl

    The Gimpy August 19 PTR (update 7/30)

    Hello everyone! First time TR'er long time fan...Lemme introduce myself and my family: I'm Heather, last time I was in Disney I ran the marathon, yup, this year's marathon. It was my first one and while melting during it...err running it, I messed up my foot big time. I'm scheduled for...
  3. Corrine 1973

    Single mom going with 4 kids. I must be crazy!!! July/August PTR

    Good morning Disney Friends!!!! I have been a member of the Dis since 2009 (has it really been 10 years since our first trip?) but it has been awhile since I have posted or even been on here so I thought it was a good time to start again. As the thread says I am a single mom and this will...
  4. Newsies

    Our Grandest Trip Ever... Literally! - August 2019 PTR *TR LINK POSTED 8/25*

    Skip the coffee/tea I normally tell you to grab before joining my PTR/TR. This trip is coming along so well already that I popped some champagne for everyone! I promised myself I wouldn't jump the gun on this PTR and post it before I was finished with my November 2019 TR... but planning this...


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