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  1. I

    Signature Collection Edition Predictions?

    Just curious to know what you guys think will be coming out this year or the next as part of the Signature Collection blu-ray/DVD line. I was thinking maybe they would release Aladdin since the live-action remake just came out in theatres. I tossed a dime on Sleeping Beauty as well, considering...
  2. I

    Disney+, The Vault, & Signature Collection

    So I actually just found out that Disney+ is coming out soon and it's basically a streaming service that will contain ALL the Disney movies including the ones that were in the vault- and the vault itself is gonna be a thing of the past. But then I remembered, doesn't Disney also have the...
  3. chelikay

    So upset with Disney Movie Rewards

    I ordered a Blu-ray compo pack from DMR at the beginning of March and got a notification saying it had shipped. I waited a couple weeks for it and then decided to contact them about it being missing. They gave me the tracking number and told me to contact USPS first and to get back to them. I...
  4. PrueFever

    What is your favorite Disney Scene?

    What is your favorite scene from any Disney movie? My all-time favorite Disney Scene from ANY Disney Film is Crash the Wedding from The Little Mermaid! I just love it SO much! Vanessa is so beautiful and I just love the way the animals attack her, I bet the animators had a lot of fun with this...


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