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  1. N

    Droid Help - Not Moving Straight

    Has anyone else had issues with their droids not moving in straight lines? We just built an Rseries droid two days ago and now that we are home we noticed that he doesn't move in a straight line when moving forward or backwards. Instead he moves in a stationary circle when the forward or back...
  2. C

    R2D2 droid not working Any Advice?

    Bought the R2D2 droid by voice back in 2017. I have changed his batteries. He will light up and talk but no movement. Anyone know anybody who may be able to fix him? Thanks for any help and suggestions. Holly
  3. MUDoc81

    New SWGE Superthread! Now Open to All! (6/24/2019)

    My daughter was very excited to meet Rey the other day! So excited that we forgot to get her autograph! Does anyone have a picture they could upload of her signature? Thanks!
  4. rteetz

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shopping and Merchandise: Savi’s, Droid Depot and More!

    Retail and Merchandise items This land will have numerous opportunities for guests to remember their visit to Batuu. Select pre-opening merchandise is onsale inside Disney parks right now as guests prep for Black Spire Outpost and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Inside the land there will be a...
  5. V

    Droid Malfunction with head turning!

    So we have two R2 units we built at the Droid Depot. We found when the batteries get low the head has trouble tuning to the right. It continues having this issue even after we change the batteries with new ones. Somehow, one of the droids just started to work again and the head is acting normal...


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