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    Florida Resident Tickets for Rental Property Owner (live out of state)

    I own rental property in FL. I live out of state. I have mortgage on the rental property. If I show a mortgage statement for the rental property, will I qualify for Florida Resident status/discounts on Annual Passes? This is what is on the Disney page for FL Res requirements without a FL ID...
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    FL Resident Discount

    We have family who are Florida residents. They will be joining us on our next WDW vacation. Can I have them purchase FL Resident tickets for the entire group? Will we all have to provide proof of residency? I just don’t want to buy these tickets & not be able to use them. TIA
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    Bridging/"Upgrading" Tickets-- Leftover $$?

    Hi All: Some friends of mine who are FL residents purchased a 3-day flex base ticket from Delta airlines to use their miles. I almost fell out of my seat when they told me because they would obviously have done much better just purchasing a FL resident ticket from UT, but that's now in the...
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    Florida Resident 3/4 Day Ticket Deal for October

    Right now the "Get Your Ears On" Florida Resident ticket deal is 3 or 4 days and is good through August 28th. Is there a way to know what the ticket deal will be after this one has expired? I am going to Disney in October and would love to get this deal. The dates we'll be there are October...
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    FL resident ticket and dining plan

    We currently have a room-only reservation. Does anyone know if I can add the special FL resident tickets (called Discover Disney or Get Your Ears On depending on the dates) and then add the dining plan? I had planned to make it a package with regular FL tickets later this week, but the Get Your...


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