1. K

    Swan and dolphin, do I have to book directly through their website to link my ressi?

    We are doing a split stay in September. Going to do the first four nights in BCV and the last two nights in the Swan ... my boyfriend works for a travel agency who gets amazing discounts through RCI so we can get the Swan for about 200-250 cheaper through his website then we would booking out...
  2. FunkyDuckToo

    Lounges at AKL

    We have a dinner reservation on our AK day at BOMA for 8pm. The park closes our day at 6pm. I have a party of 6 adults, 1 child and was hoping for some ideas of what we could do at AKL while we wait. Is there a place to order a cocktail or wine and watch the animals or near the firepit? Any...
  3. E

    Downtown Disney Orlando Restaurant Team Dinner

    Do any restaurants in downtown Disney take large group reservations? Any suggestions or ideas would be so appreciated! We are taking a basketball team out for dinner Saturday night and the team mom nor coach has looked into places to go! So I've inserted myself to get something figured out...
  4. C

    Planning help and when to schedule reservations

    I am in the midst of planning our family’s first Disneyland trip (DH and I went as kids, but not since then), and would love some thoughts about the advanced bookings. This is likely to be our only Disney trip, or at least until our kids (DD6 and DS10) are well into their teens. We will be...
  5. F

    Galaxy';s Edge Reservation System for January

    Long time viewer, first time poster. With Rise of the Resistance opening in January, is there any news on a reservation system for Galaxy's Edge similar to the land's May opening? Planning a trip for early next year and want to make sure that if there is a lottery or Disney Hotel guest get...
  6. Smallywood1

    Galaxy's Edge: Why not continue reservations?

    Before I dive too far in, I know the answer to my own question, but I still think this is interesting. From all the reports I have seen, the reservation system at Disneyland was worked very well to keep crowds fairly low, and totally reasonable wait times for rides and experiences. So my...
  7. R

    Travelling 16June no reservation :( help!

    I missed the reservations link to get into SWGE. My family and I are there from June 16-18. I tried emailing Disney directly but they said there’s no way to get into Star Wars Land. We are coming from Australia, is there any other way to get into Star Wars Galaxy Edge?? We are staying at a...
  8. B

    Tusker House & Boma?

    Hey everyone! Is it too much to do a Tusker House breakfast (10:30am hoping we also get to try lunch) and a Boma dinner reservation (7pm) the same day? We haven't been to either location and based on our itinerary the other days, this is the only day I see us fitting in both. I'm just concerned...
  9. sunshiinedaydream

    Travel Package through Costco

    has anyone purchased a Disneyland good neighbor package through Costco before with tickets? I purchased using this for 4/30-5/5 but I’m not sure how/when we get the tickets, landyards, gift card and whatever else. Anyone book a package this way recently and receive in mail?
  10. shannie102

    'Ohana help....

    I AM A BELIEVER!!!! That site that sends you alerts when your reservation is available (I feel like on other boards I have seen you can’t say the name so I will just call it T******P***’s) has sent me 2 in the past 2 weeks and I got them both!!! So now we have reservations for ‘Ohana 12/15 at...
  11. MinnieMommyof2

    Suggestions for narrowing down my ADRs

    Hello Disney Pals! I am struggling with which ADR's to nix and which ones to keep for our upcoming FIRST trip to WDW in November. We are staying from Saturday - Friday and are on the Disney Dining Plan. If I'm calculating correct, we have 6 TS credits, 6 QS credits and 12 snack credits per...
  12. BriLovesDisney

    Le Cellier - Yay or Nay?

    We have a 6:40 reservation for one of our Epcot days during our upcoming trip. We've never been to Le Cellier but have wanted to try it for several years. I've seen mixed reviews, especially as of late. So, for those of you who have eaten there, do you recommend us trying it?
  13. brave321

    December 30 Tomorrowland Dessert Party

    We’re looking to do this for the fireworks at 11:40 but don’t know if it’s worth it. It seems like it would help with crowds, especially on 12/30. I’ve been checking every day and nothings come up though. Wondering if anyone is planning on cancelling or if it’s common for people to cancel this...
  14. C

    November 2017 ADR's

    Is anyone else having as much trouble as I am getting ADR's for the end of November and beginning of December?


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