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  1. B

    SWGE Dos and Don'ts?

    Just wanted some opinions on what you absolutely must do in GE. We are a young couple that are fans, no kids. I know that there isn't alot at the moment, but I just wanted some perspective. Thanks!:)
  2. S

    Fastpass for SW:GE?

    Any ideas as to when FP+ will be added to SW:GE? I know for sure after RotR opens....but any ideas as to after that? Thank you for any insights/opinions! :)
  3. rteetz

    Share your story from visiting DHS’ SWGE!

    Share your take or review on your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Just like the “just back” guidelines, keep it concise and not so much a trip report, make sure to include the date you visited. We’d love to hear what you were able to experience during your visit and any tips or tricks you...
  4. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Walt Disney World Walking Tour | Disney’s Hollywood Studios

    Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge gives guests who visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World a chance to live their own Star Wars story. Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu is home to Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Oga’s Cantina, Savi’s Workshop, Docking Bay 7 and more!
  5. Chrisizzle

    Solo at SWGE opening day. Team up?

    I’ve had a solo trip planned for Monday August 25 to Friday August 30. It now overlaps with the grand opening of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. No, this does not ruin my trip. In fact, I live for unique experiences and it will be a great story to say I was there on opening day. The problem comes...
  6. WebmasterJackie

    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Update | 07/05/19

    In this episode, the panel discusses the current protocol for accessing Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, crowd trends, and much more!
  7. K

    New SWGE Superthread! Now Open to All! (6/24/2019)

    Can use some help with packing the lightsabers. We have the large suitcase and are flying united. We removed the blade from the hilt. Leave the blade in the bag and place diagonal? Let blade free float? The blade does not fit flush against the back. I think we have it sorted but...
  8. K

    SWGE Delayed?

    I've heard from a source today that Galaxy's Edge at WDW may be running behind schedule. Anyone else heard this?
  9. K

    Droid Problems - need help turning them off and replacing batteries

    Our precious new droids spent the night in the hotel bathtub because WE COULDNT FIGURE OUT HOW TO TURN THEM OFF!! They were beeping and moving all night long. Now one of them is dead, I assume because the battery ran out. So can someone please help: How do you easily turn off your droid? How...
  10. T

    Star Wars: Rise of the Crowds

    Being a huge star wars fan and having the very video games I played become tangible. This feels like a dream. Something that when I go there see and experience all of this land has to offer, I am going to come home that night wake up the next day for all to be gone. The good news, it won't be...
  11. R

    Travelling 16June no reservation :( help!

    I missed the reservations link to get into SWGE. My family and I are there from June 16-18. I tried emailing Disney directly but they said there’s no way to get into Star Wars Land. We are coming from Australia, is there any other way to get into Star Wars Galaxy Edge?? We are staying at a...
  12. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Booking Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland & Walt Disney World | 05/13/19

    In this week's episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, the panel discusses what you need to know to book a Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge vacation at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, plus what it's like in the land and what they learned at Star Wars Celebration!
  13. D

    Galaxy's Edge trip

    Hi! My name's Dillan and I'm planning a trip to Disneyland next year hopefully around the end of June or sometime in July based on the rumors of what the opening date will be for Galaxy's edge. Some questions I had are basically if anyone has heard the same anything different as far as the...
  14. D

    Kathleen Kennedy is OUT!!!!!!

    There is a great disturbance in The Force. Kathleen Kennedy has “decided to spend more time with her family”. She will be stepping down as President of Lucasfilm at the end of September. The spin is as follows: -This has NOTHING to do with The Last Jedi -This has NOTHING to do with Solo’s...
  15. rteetz

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

  16. absolutmey

    A First Order (and first trip together) Challenge - an April 18 PTR update 4/11 single digits!

    Hello! :wave: Just a bit of background, before we begin. Well, as the title implies, I’m heading to WDW in April to run the First Order Challenge (10k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday). I’d planned to take my trip solo, but April 2018 also just so happens to be my mother’s 60th...
  17. rteetz

    Star Wars: Galactic Starship (resort experience) News

    Bob Chapek announced plans for a Star Wars themed resort that will bring immersion to a new level. Each window in the resort will be looking out into space. Last...
  18. brad813

    Question about Star Wars Galactic Spectacular

    I am interested in going to the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular, but am concerned about the crowds after. I was looking at going to this on a night that Epcot has Evening EMH, so would like to know if it would be possible to get out of the park quickly immediately after.
  19. sarahothomas

    The Last Jedi Premiere at WDW?

    My family and I are going to WDW 12/9-12/16. We are hoping to catch the premiere of The Last Jedi while we are there. I see that Disney did a ticketed premiere for The Force Awakens back in 2015 with access to HS afterwards. I didn't see anything for the Rogue One premiere in 2016 - was there...
  20. T

    Disney Cruise Line Photoshop Help!!

    I need some help with Photoshop I'm trying to design a T-shirt. If someone could do the rest of the editing it's above my very limited ability. I want the gold, I was able to change that from red but where the image is black I want red. Also on top of the 8 in 18 if someone could put MickEY...


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