1. DISFaninMI

    AAA Water Park Ticket Redemption

    We are planning a long weekend trip in October and hoping to do Typhoon Lagoon one day if the weather cooperates. Looking across at the different ticket resellers, it looks like the best option will be to purchase through AAA ($58 per adult, $53 per child + taxes & fees). However, AAA's website...
  2. K


    Hello, long time lurker here finally posting. I am planning a trip with my 17 year old brother and I for October 10-14. Were already booked for HHN and the RIP tour for Sunday the 13th. I want us to also do HoS at Tampa for the first time this year (I am thinking about either October 11th or...
  3. M

    Does anyone have a FastPass ticket--whether used or not?

    Hoping to get hold of the following: American Idol Fantasmic! Captain EO Indy Speedway Main Street Electrical Parade Fireworks Festival of the Lion King Finding Nemo Flights of Wonder Kim Possible
  4. F

    Split Stay and Park Ticket ?

    Staying at Disney for one night and then going off site.. we have 8 days of tickets and the website is showing our tickets valid for the two days we are staying on property. We Are trying to figure out when we can make our 30 day fast passes. Why is the website only showing tickets valid for two...
  5. T

    1 day park hopper tickets

    Where’s the best place to buy a 1 day park hopper ticket? Or are there any discounts I can get on 1 day tickets? Thanks!!!
  6. rteetz

    Walt Disney World Date Based Ticket System FAQ • Read First Page

    On October 16th, 2018 Walt Disney World moved to a new date based ticket pricing system. This means ticket prices can be different based on the day you are visiting the parks. This video gives a preview of how the system will work. Like before, tickets may be purchased on, in...
  7. S

    DVC - should I buy an AP?

    Hi there, I hope this is the right place to put this question. I'm sorry in advance if it's not. My husband and I are DVC members and are planning our September trip. It's a quick one this year, just 3 days in the Parks and done. We're taking our kids, who just turned 3, so it's our first time...
  8. T


    From now until June 20, 2018 a Florida Resident can purchase a 3-day ticket (with the availability to add a parkhopper for an additional cost) for only $53 a day, plus tax, or a 4-day ticket for only $44 a day, plus tax. This is a great time to pay a low cost for families looking for a...
  9. zebrastreyepz

    Tiered Pricing on Tickets....

    Honestly, does anyone look at ticket prices and go, "I'm not going at such-and-such a time because it's cheaper to go at this other time?" I don't. I look at when I can go and plan accordingly. Iger saying that tiered pricing is good for guests is ridiculous. When he says it's good for the...
  10. S

    Discounted Theme Park Ticket Options

    Hi!!! This is my first post and henceforth an absolute newbie! My fiancé and I wanted to have everyone (our guests) join us at Magic Kingdom the day before the wedding. At first we thought it would be a nice gesture to get them all a one day ticket, but then we thought perhaps we could cut...
  11. B

    AP Runner + Friend Ticket Question

    Hi, this is my first post so please bear with me. I am an AP holder running the Dopey Challenge. I know that when booking the RunDisney package, everyone in the party needs have AP. My friend does not have, so we both would have to purchase 2 day Park Hoppers as a minimum to fulfill the...
  12. C

    Universal Ticket Prices

    Hi guys im from the uk, and im going to florida in october. i was wondering what the prices are or if places like walmart sell tickets to universal as i want to take my boyfriend there, i was going to surprise him with hard rock cafe and there is one in universal, so i was thinking just...
  13. Ticket media

    Ticket media

    A sample of the tickets used at DL. This is used for single day tickets, as well as multi-day hoppers.


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