“Life is Grand, it Yacht to be, we are at Disney! 1/29 New TR link, a question, and this TR is complete!


Apr 19, 2017
Have fun! Glad you are escaping this freezing cold weather :) Can't wait for you to take us along on your adventures in your trip report!!!!
  • Steppesister

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    Dec 27, 2013
    The aquarium is always a must for us
    I always like to see what kinds of fun photos I can get of the sea creatures there. So many of them are picturesque.
    B1 is the only way to Soar!
    For sure!

    Go and get these next time, the nachos are so yummy!
    I very well may on my next trip!

    I think the AP previews brought many locals and everywhere just felt so crowded! Still a fun trip and wouldn’t trade it for anything!
    You may very well be right on this one. Those darn locals! STAY HOME! :laughing: But yes, no trip is really worth trading and all seem to be fun.

    Have an amazing time, if you haven't already!! I'm not even sure of your dates now, and imagine you may even be back! LOL!


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    Apr 23, 2010
    Off track here, :offtopic:how does everyone like the Mandalorian?
    Love it. Only problem is that the episodes are too short and there aren't enough. :rotfl:
    Here are a few pictures of an empty Epcot.
    Not only an empty EPCOT, but a nice last look at an empty version of that iteration of EPCOT.
    As we checked in, I saw Meghan and N, they were also doing a tour around this same time. We said hello and she offered to get a picture of Andi and I at the fountain. She had done a tour with Kiersha before and told us she is a great tour guide!
    Fountain picture, thanks @MeghanEmily
    Awesome! What are the odds? Not only a DIS meet before tours on the same morning, but they have a history with your guide!
    If you don’t have trouble walking and standing for 4-5 hours I would do this tour!! So worth the price and you do get a Disney Visa or AP discount if you have either.
    If anyone has questions let me know.......
    This really looks like an incredible tour! Thanks for sharing.
    chillin with my friend Sigourney Weaver,
    I didn't think that could happen now that the Great Movie Ride is gone.
    We have received 44 inches of snow since the week of Thanksgiving. This is more than double what is normal for a 2 month period.
    44 inches is a bit extreme... however, all we have is mud. Lots of it. I'm kind of ready for winter. I want some frozen ground and snow.
    Andi and I decided to try Nomads lounge. We were able to snag a table outside in the shade. The chairs are so comfortable. This was heaven, it feels like you are on a private veranda in Africa.
    It's always heaven when you find a comfortable, shaded spot to sit down in AK. But really, I've heard nothing but positive things about that place.
    We took the monorail to Epcot. I love arriving on the monorail and checking out the park some before we stop.
    ::yes:: Love that loop!
    Soon it was time to get back to the GF, we took the monorail over. We gathered up our carry on bags from bell service and waited for the DME, boo! Goodbye Grand!
    3. Wait times for everything were a lot to handle this trip, like resort check in, rides, guest services, merchandise shops, QS places, transportation, and picture opportunities.
    ::yes:: Unfortunately, this seems to be the new normal.
    We leave bright and early on 1/14 and if all goes well, we will be seeing the blue skies of Orlando by noon!!
    Well, I hope you're having a great trip!
  • disneyAndi14

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    Jan 1, 2014
    Your plans sound perfect! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you return!
    Have fun!!!!
    You will have to text me your secrets if it works!!!!
    Have a magical time. Looking forward to reading when you get back
    yay! See you soon!
    I was going to ask if anyone I'd see next week was going.......I may be asking for a favo
    So happy to follow along! It is snowing again next door in Wisconsin. It has been a very unusual winter... Have a great time getting away on the 14th. I hope you can sneak out in between snowstorms!
    Woot! Almost here!
    Have an amazing time!!!!
    Thanks Everyone, the trip has come and gone now! It was a great trip! I hope to start a TR soon. I will link in this TR!!


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    Jan 1, 2014
    Have fun! Glad you are escaping this freezing cold weather :) Can't wait for you to take us along on your adventures in your trip report!!!!
    Thank you, the trip was so fun and a break from our snow!
    Have a brilliant time!!
    Have so much fun on your trip! You have many great plans - I can't wait to hear about how it all turned out once you're back!
    Your plans sound great! Have an amazing trip!!
    Have an amazing time, if you haven't already!! I'm not even sure of your dates now, and imagine you may even be back! LOL!
    What a fabulous trip you had! And you leave tomorrow for the next! Can't wait to hear all about it! I was so wishing to make it to WDW for MLK weekend but it just wasnt in the cards. I hope you have a great trip!!!
    Love it. Only problem is that the episodes are too short and there aren't enough.
    Well, I hope you're having a great trip!
    Hope you're having a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it
    sure hope we can too! I have a good feeling we will :goodvibes

    I hope you're having a wonderful time! And I hope you're able to ride RotR!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful trip and enjoying the warm FL sunshine. (And getting a break from all that snow!)
    Enjoy your trip, Caroline!!!
    Sure did, Thanks!
    Happy New Year Caroline. Sounds like you guys had a very full last day in the parks. Now off to go check out your newest TR.
    Happy New Year Glenda, we had a great time and soon I will start a new report.

    Hi Everyone,
    I just got back last night around midnight and I am so glad I have the weekend off before returning to work! Our trip was so fun, even 10 nights and 11 days goes by way to fast and I still didn’t get to do everything I wanted. We did do many things and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. There was laughter, reuniting with Epic Dis friends, cold weather, new experiences, new resorts, and a wonderful time with my favorite daughter! We really enjoyed each other’s company this trip and shared many giggles and really no drama!

    I hope to start a TR soon and this is where you will find the link, if I can remember how to do it again!:hyper:


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    Jan 1, 2014
    Before I close out this report, I want to thank everyone for following along and I hope to see you at my newest report, link above.
    I am working on our March trip now, yay! I am thinking about doing the Villians after hours, it is available 1 night on our trip. Curious what you all think. If you have been let me know if it was worth it.
    It is about $20.00 more a person than the regular after hours. We can’t do the regular one with our current dates.
    I am also planning a night at USO, I found a really good AP rate at Hard Rock for 1 night. I would love to stay there and do the parks there.
    See you all real soon! :mickeyjum :wave2:


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    Aug 14, 2006
    I can’t speak to the VAH but I have stayed at the HR at universal 3 times. I personally like it for the proximity to the parks and Citywalk plus express pass, i think you will like it too.


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    Jan 1, 2014
    I loved my experience at the Villains After Hours! I really liked the stage show and seeing Maleficent at night!
    Thanks Alexis, I went back to read over your review and it does sound awesome and it is a different way to enjoy an after hours so I think we will do this. It will fit in nicely with our current plans without much shifting of things!


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