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Aug 20, 2018
I am going to be in Brussels for work next week and would have the opportunity to go to Paris Disney on Sunday the 15th by myself.
I have been to world and land in the US, but was hoping people could answer a few questions as info online seems to be telling me different thing.

Is is worth going? The crowds may be high, but it looks like it will be raining that day which may thin things out. My train tickets will be around $200 to get there and I would arrive at the station around 8:40am so not in rope drop position. There will be magic hours happening that day as well so already the parks may have a bunch of people in them.

If I should go, should I get one of the paid fastpass options? What sort of itinerary should I go for?

I have never been to this park, and have only been to world twice and land once. I have begun to develop a moderate interest in overseas parks, but would usually not take time out of a vacation to try to get to one. As it would be an expensive day, I would love to know if it is worth trying at such a crowded time and what I should try to do as well. I usually do a ton of research before I go, but don't really have time as I am leaving for work soon.

I appreciate any help people are willing to supply!


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Dec 29, 2013
Best advice is Go for it .... enjoy your day ... Just bring rain jacket incase it does rain.

Schools are not on holidays .... so might not be that busy.

Just go with the flow.


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Feb 5, 2012
There are EMH every day, so whatever you do, there will always be people ahead of you. But if you can arrive there that early, you will be ahead of the normal weekend crowd. I am only doubting the train times, normally the first train arrives at 9:54. When I price it, I get 9:54 - 20:04 for 154 euro via B-europe.com.

Make a list of things you absolutely want to do, what is the most important to you, and do those first. Everything else is a bonus. You can do a lot and enjoy the parks. The biggest difference will be the weather from the US parks and the rain is not the same as in Florida or in California.

Also to save a bit of money, I would go for 1 park and skip the Studios.
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