2018 runDisney Dopey Challenge Trip Report, Race Recaps, and a Coaching Recap: Perfectly Dopey!

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    Hi all,


    My name is @DopeyBadger. If you frequent the runDisney forum (link), then you are likely to already know who I am. If you've never ventured over to runDisney, then HI! I'm Billy!

    My Disney journey started back in 2014 with the Inaugural Dopey Challenge. For those that don't know, the Dopey Challenge is a running race in Walt Disney World during early January. The race encompasses a four day challenge: Run a 5k, then the next day a 10k, then the next day a half marathon, and then on the final day a marathon! It is surely Dopey!

    Running and Disney has been intertwined in my life for several years now. I've completed the Dopey Challenge the last four years (2014 to 2017) and was looking to cap off my Perfectly Dopey experience with a 2018 finish.

    Running wasn't something I always did. I started in 2012 in an effort to lose weight. I ended up losing 100 pounds, finding out I actually really like running, and now run for fun! The goal is to become the best runner I can be.

    Anyways, this Disney vacation was an intersection of three very important aspects of my life: my family and our Disney vacation, my running journey and the 5th Dopey Challenge, and lastly my experience as being a hobbyist running coach. The agreement between my wife and I is that running is something I do, but that the expectation is that I participate in nearly every aspect of the Disney vacation as well. So, this is a story of balancing racing to the maximum and also enjoying a Disney vacation! You'll have to read to find out what place I finish in!

    I've written my 2018 Dopey Challenge Trip Report, Race Recap, and Coaching Recap here (link) in my runDisney training journal. Come here and learn about how I tried my best to come out on top in my last consecutive Dopey Challenge!

    2018 Dopey Challenge Trip Report, Race Recaps, and Coaching Recap


    Training Plan
    Training Recap
    Prediction Contest

    Tuesday, January 2nd – Flight to Disney World
    Wednesday, January 3rd –Bon Voyage and Expo
    Thursday, January 4th – 5k and Animal Kingdom
    Friday, January 5th – 10k, Kids Race, Hurricane Hannah’s and Disney Springs
    Saturday, January 6th – Half Marathon and Fort Wilderness
    Sunday, January 7th – Marathon and a Coach’s Review
    Monday, January 8th – Magic Kingdom
    Tuesday, January 9th – Disney Springs and Flight Home

    Apologies as I fully intended to write notes throughout the trip for a great recap, but I got super busy with the actual vacation. So, this is almost exclusively from memory.

    This is my 2018 Walt Disney World 2018 Dopey Challenge Trip Report, Race Recap, and Coaching Recap. This is my 5th runDisney event and 5th Dopey Challenge (2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017). If I completed the 2018 Dopey Challenge, then I would be considered Perfectly Dopey. The Dopey Challenge is a runDisney event in Walt Disney World that includes a 5k on the first day, then 10k on the next day, Half Marathon on the third day, and wraps up with a Marathon on the fourth day. Pretty Dopey, right? I had thirteen goals going into the racing weekend:

    1) Sextuple PR Challenge. In my 4 previous Dopey runs (3 as non-first attempts), I have yet to accomplish the Sextuple PR Challenge. Since this may be the last try, I'm giving it everything I got. I'm looking for a lifetime PR at 5k, 10k, HM, M, Goofy, and Dopey all as non-first time attempts at these distances.
    2) 5k - Sub 19 minutes
    3) 10k - Sub 40 minutes
    4) HM - Sub 1:30
    5) M - Sub 3:14
    6) Dopey - Sub 5:45
    7) Finish in the Top 25 of the Dopey Challenge when evaluated by cumulative time
    8) Finish in the Top 3 of the Dopey Challenge when evaluated by cumulative time for the Male 30-34 age division
    9) Successfully meet as many DIS'ers pre/post/during races as possible
    10) Coach as many runners through the Marathon Weekend races as that'll honor me with that opportunity
    11) Cheer my mom though her first Dopey Challenge at age 61
    12) Beat the bib # (whatever that may be this year)
    13) Most importantly - Beat the Rocket Scientist

    In addition to the racing weekend, this would serve as a Disney Vacation for my wife (Steph), daughter (Gigi), and mother. Since I considered this my last consecutive Dopey Challenge, then I wanted to go out with a bang. So without further ado – The end of an era.

    Next Post: Tuesday, January 2nd – Flight to Disney World
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