620 Days... Am I Crazy?


Earning My Ears
Aug 16, 2018
My boyfriend and I want to go to Disney World NEXT October (2021) for my birthday, and for the 50th anniversary. Am I crazy to be planning everything right now?! We don't even know the prices yet.... we've been going off of what this October's prices are. We can't even book for 5 or 6 months... June-ish. Even though so many new rides and restaurants are opening soon... I basically have an entire plan of where I want to go/eat/ride. I've been doing non stop research and it has me so excited. He's never been there, so I think that's why I'm so excited. Has anyone else ever been in this boat? I have 620 days until we plan to leave for Florida. I feel insane haha


Wait for it.
Dec 9, 2014

We weren't planning to go back until May 2022, but now we decided to move it up to 2021. Trying to avoid 50th anniversary crazy.

I'm already planning... :surfweb:


DIS Veteran
Jun 10, 2007
Let's look at this logically.

As Disney fans, there are only two states of existence:

1. Being at Disney
2. Planning the next Disney trip

Since you're not currently at Disney, you therefore must be planning your next trip.

So, no, it's not too early lol!

Seriously, though, late 2021 cruise itineraries are expected to be released later this month and that's a good indication that many people are making general plans for that time.


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