A soapy question


May 22, 2002
My DW and I purchased 150 points in September :D (yes just after Sept 11th!) on my 40th birthday. We're going home to VWL in October :-)D :D :D) and I have a small question that I can't find the answer to. On full cleaning, or 'trash and towel' day, do they replace/replenish the soap - I can only find that they replace towels, coffee, milk etc.

A second question (if I'm allowed two on my first post ;) ) - does anyone know when the AP room discounts for October will be announced, we're only using 13 nights on points and need to find somewhere to stay the night we arrive and I'd rather stay on-site and at WL, but the cash price I was quoted for a studio for one night was $303 plus tax :eek:


DIS Veteran
Sep 6, 1999
I can't remember on the soap ?? It may just be on the "full cleaning" but I always take a big bottle and save the "freebies" to bring home, they are useful when going to the gym etc.

As for your first night , I would stay either off site or at the airport hotel. You don't get in until late afternoon early evening and it's as much as I can do to get something to eat and go to bed. Get up nice and early the next day and use the $200 you save on room cost for a nice character breakfast :)


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