A Soggy Disneyland Thanksgiving


Earning My Ears
Nov 29, 2019
Wow, our Thanksgiving trip to Disney Land started out magically on Monday, but by Wednesday we wished upon a star that Disney park plans will include some kind of drainage for rain on the sidewalks. We had ponchos, hats and umbrellas, but the mass of puddles was a surprise to us. We did not get to use all of our non refundable sip and savor tabs at Paradise Pier due to the heavy downpour. Half of the attractions were closed at California Adventure on Thanksgiving. We were able to get turkey legs and eat nextdoor to Mickey's philharmagic, but there is a need for a sit down site like Hollywood and Vine in Orlando. Disappointed that the chili at smoke jumper grill tasted like it was from a can. Redwood forest play area is not well lit. Bathrooms by Plaza Inn were shameful. There is a need for some kind of scooter traffic control such as street lights or a scooter only lane. While star tours is great, could the park planners move it to Galaxy's edge to keep the theming together?
Overall, the magical moments outweigh the disappointments, but c'mon Disney, check some details...


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