Actors you would like to have seen in Marvel movies, etc?

old lady

DIS Veteran
Mar 15, 2007
What actors or actresses would you like to have seen in Marvel Movies, etc? I always wanted a reboot of Iron Man Bad Guy Mandarin. Maybe have a Asian actor portrayed him.


Earning My Ears
Jun 29, 2019
I could see Keanu Reeves would make a great Mandarin.
I don't want to see Mark Wahlberg. The logical choice for Captain America is the Winter Soldier. There isn't any replacing Chris Evans. It's that simple. Keanu would have been perfect for Iron Man. He's the right build. However, he's a unique actor. He chooses his movies carefully.
On another note; if someone should be sought out for a new Indiana Jones, it should be Joe Flannagan, from Stargate Atlantis. He's perfect for the role.


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