adult dis auto book help...pls!


Jan 19, 2008
Hi yall!
My dd who is 23 and in a wheelchair is going to Disney in Sept on her first girls trip with her Best friend who has never been to Disney. I have made MANY auto books thru the years as this is my dd 13th trip (but first without us) BUT this one is special and I want to surprise her and her BF with AMAZING autograph books. I have a ton of Simple stories say cheese products and the Echo Park Disney line plus lots of misc Disney scrapbook stuff but I just can't come up with a vision...I've lost my mojo :(
PLEASE if anyone has ideas or suggestions(especially with pics) for inspiration I would GREATLY appreciate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sea Witch
Jun 24, 2018
Not sure if you saw the free class on, specifically the "Quick and Easy Disney-Themed Photo Albums with Layle Koncar:? There's a few more on there, but I went through this one and she has some good ideas.


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