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    May 24, 2017
    Hello teens,

    (If you don’t want to read all of this go to the TL : DR at the bottom)

    I have been to Disney World 15+ Times, Disneyland once, and on five Disney cruises. I grew up in a Disney family, we saved every last dime in order to take a magic trip to our happy place every year. As I am about to turn 18 I came to a realization that my childhood Disney days are over. For me this devastated me, I grew up with everything Disney and Disney means more to me than just about everything else. So what does this all mean? Enjoy it, on my first real “teen” cruise I acted like “I was too cool” for Disney and I completely regret it. I wasted a whole trip because I didn’t want to be the “lame” or “weird” teenage boy who loved Disney. This past fall my family went on another’s Disney cruise and I felt like it was going to be lame like my past cruise but I did one thing that changed the whole thing. I went to the Vibe. I am always super shy and don’t like socializing with people who I don’t know so I naturally did not want to go to the Vibe, however I took the risk on the second day of our cruise and by am I happy I did. The second I walked in a counselor invited me in and kindly greeted me and asked me to join a game of cards. As time went by I started to meet all the other teens and even though I showed up late, everyone just accepted me right in and we had a blast. I spent most of the remaining days of the 7 night cruise in the Vibe. I made friends that I will never forget, while we all had to leave at the end many tears were shed and everyone thanked each other for the great memories. One thing that was a bonus was that there were two people in the club who lived in the same state as me and we have even met up a few times at home! Overall, go to the clubs you will not regret it. At first you may think it’s lame and want to leave but if you stay, talk, participate in group activities, and are open minded you will have a dream vacation. I’d love to hear what other teen thought of their time in the Vibe, please share!

    TL : DR

    Go to the Vibe/Edge no matter what (even if you are super shy)! You will have so much fun and make great friends. Overall you will have a much better time if you visit the clubs.
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